Pictures Of Old Collectible Dolls

Pictures Of Old Collectible Dolls

Collecting dolls is an exciting hobby. The problem is that you will be spending a lot of money acquiring them. But this should not stop you from appreciating them. In fact, another hobby you can do is shoot pictures of old collectible dolls and then just put these in an album.

But why shoot pictures? Aside from being much cheaper, this is easier to store and compile. With a digital camera in hand, you can attend a toy fair, a convention or any other event to shoot them and then upload it into your computer to have this developed.

If you don’t have time to shoot pictures, you can visit various websites online and right click using your mouse to save these images on your hard drive. You should take note that some sites will charge a fee so be prepared to pay when you are required to.

Those who collect pictures of these dolls feel that it is just like owning the real thing. Some have even made websites of their own to show what they have. Sometimes, collectors will even ask pictures from them so this can be used to help sell or trade one item for another.

Given that the price of pictures are not that far off from each other compared to the year that a doll was made, you can snap as many as you like.

But for them to be of great value to anyone, you should shoot only those that are significant. Some examples are the year that a particular brand was introduced into the market, the various collections available and special dates commemorating the doll.

Just like the collecting the real thing, hobbyists are advised to stick to just one particular brand because it is hard to stay updated when new collections are added each month. Don’t forget the old ones as well because in terms of value, these are the ones that people would love to see since the company who introduced it is most likely not making that anymore.

The greatest benefit perhaps of getting pictures of collectible dolls is that you become an authority figure on that subject. Although no one will become a historian of dolls, it is something worth sharing to those who have cannot tell the difference between dolls that was made 3 decades ago to the one that is available now.

This also makes you a very sociable person so whenever there is a big event coming up, you will be sent an invitation or even called up personally so you can bring your camera and take pictures for yourself.

When you have already hundreds of pictures of collectible dolls, you will probably be spending more time arranging things to make sure everything is organized. This may teach you a thing or two about fashion or also something else.

The advantage of having a picture doll collection is that you don’t have to clean it unlike the real thing that has to be dusted regularly. The downside though is that you can’t do anything with them except maybe flip through the pages because you can’t change the clothes or comb the hair. But if this is a worthwhile hobby to you, carry on because the most important thing is that you are having fun.