Picking Your Driving Tunes

Picking The Right Driving Tunes For A Stereo System

You’ve installed a brand new car stereo system and you’re pumped! It’s time to grab your favorite tunes and hit the road. But, what tunes to grab?

According to studies singing while driving actually can improve driver alertness and decrease chances for falling asleep behind the wheel. The same studies show that music that’s too pumped up, though, can actually create an undesired effect and promote distractions and accidents. Any driver that’s felt their foot hit the pedal a wee bit too hard after landing on their favorite song knows this is more than gravity at work!

So, before you head out for a road trip with your brand new stereo, make good music selections for the road. Whether it’s rock, country, pop, hip hop or another form of music, pick tunes you love to sing along with but not those that are so easy to tap your foot along to you can’t resist doing just that!

If you have an MP3 capable CD player included in your car stereo set up, the choices for drive music will be incredible. With a download connection and a little time, you can create your own mix of music just right for the road. With an ability to play about 10 hours straight of the driver’s favorite tunes, there’s no reason to keep changing out CDs when there’s an MP3 player onboard.

Remember when you get your music all picked out to be certain to store it in an easy location for changing when it’s time. Drivers should not take their eyes off the road for anything, so changing channels and CDs should be done by rote or even better at rest stops. If that’s not possible, make sure your presets are locked and loaded with favorite stations so there’s no need to take your eyes off the road to change the channel.

A new stereo system can be an exciting upgrade for a car. Maybe not as important as the engine, the stereo is actually a pretty valuable tool for keeping drivers alert and letting them know about important news as they travel from point A to point B.

The drive doesn’t have to be boring, however. A good selection of drive music, tailored to meet the driver’s tastes, can really spice up a ride and help keep everyone awake and ready to go!

Source: https://positivearticles.com