Picking Bathroom Countertops

There seems to be no shortage of bathroom counter top choices available for the homeowner redecorating or remodeling their bathroom. So many new materials are available that it has made choosing a little more complex. Really the vanity counter top surface materials available today make this the perfect time for redecorating since the liklihood of meeting your bathroom design requirements is high. You should have no problem finding a finish, pattern or color to fit your aesthetic requirements and pocket book. Besides the eye appeal of your counter top choice and the price one factor that will be important to know is the durability, care, and maintenance required.

Laminate is a popular choice for bathroom counter tops and has been the old stand by for decades. The fact that it is affordable and comes in so many different colors, patterns and textures has made this a longstanding choice. Besides it is resistant to water and easy to maintain. Laminate is available in different grades, but basically affordable so don’t buy the cheapest, get your moneys worth.

Solid surface bathroom counter tops are man made and have quickly become a top vanity counter top choice. They are durable and easy to maintain. Also it is available in a variety of colors and textures, faux stone has become especially popular. It is impervious to abrasions, water and dents that could occur over time. The cost is not cheap however and can rival the cost of granite or marble.

Natural stone bathroom countertops include the likes of granite, marble, soapstone and slate will probably be the most expensive choices for your bathroom countertop. They have a rich, elegant appearance and are natural stone that is extremely durable. Because they are natural stone they must be sealed periodically to ensure that they do not discolor or absorb liquids. This small chore should not be a problem however.

Concrete and limestone are becoming popular also for bathroom counter tops. Limestone has more of a textured appeal compared to granite and the other stone countertop surfaces. While concrete offers flexibility. It can be shaped, carved, inlaid with objects or colored. Concrete offers a host of creative choices but one issue to be aware of is that it tends to crack easy.

Tile is a option that offers versatlity and affordability. Ceramic tile is impervious to water, cleans easy and durable. The very nature of tile allows you to add your own style to your bathroom decorating. If you are a good do-it-yourselfer you can save by installing the tile yourself. Note: You should not select a fragile tile and a grout sealer must be used in areas exposed to water. Also, besides ceramic tile granite tile vanity counter tops are gaining in popularity.

Granite tile offers the flexiblity and affordability of tile while adding the luxurious look and finish of natural stone. The maintenance will similiar as any granite countertop.

Yes you will be able to meet your aesthetic decorating, care and pocket book requirements with out a problem. You will be extremely happy once you realize that you can be confident in your design because of the wealth of counter top choices available to update your bathroom stylishly. The end results will be a updated, modern looking bathroom when you finally choose the right bathroom counter top.