Physiotherapy for cancer patients

Cancer is probably the most feared illness. Cancer is not the death sentence it was many years ago. More people are now surviving cancer than ever before as more effective treatments to combat this dreaded disease are discovered every day by the medical community. Many in the medical community agree that a patient’s attitude has much to do with the patient making a full recovery.

Physiotherapy for cancer patients is crucial to their recovery. Many hospitals that treat cancer patients develop a team of doctors, nurses, and physiotherapists to assist the cancer patient in all aspects of combating his illness and then making a full recovery. The team works together to insure that the illness is combated from all angles. No longer is one doctor the sole person to whom a cancer patient can turn for help.

Physiotherapy for cancer patients encompasses a wide spectrum of treatment. Many people who have a tumor removed, for example, experience swelling in the area of removal,. Physiotherapy can work wonders to alleviate the swelling an assist the patient towards a complete recovery. Relieving swelling of certain areas, particularly in the lymph nodes, can not only alleviate pain, but may put the disease at bay.

Weakness and loss of appetite are common symptoms of those undergoing chemotherapy treatment. Chronic fatigue is common, but can also lead to depression. The medical community is now beginning to realize how important a positive attitude on the part of the patient is in achieving full recovery from the illness. Physiotherapy to treat cancer patients may entail getting a person who is tired from chemotherapy treatments a bit mobile. No one expects them to do strenuous work, but implementing a mild exercise plan can do wonders for those receiving chemotherapy treatments. Exercise stimulates the endorphins in the brain that can elevate the mood as well as induce energy. Licensed physiotherapists often work with those who are undergoing chemotherapy treatment to implement an appropriate exercise regime that will enable the patient to not only recover from the treatment quicker, but can also stave off some of the side effects of chemotherapy.

Lymphedema therapy is very important when treating cancer patients who have tissue swelling from tumor removal or swelling in their lymph nodes due to cancer. Physiotherapy to treat cancer patients also includes lymphedema therapy that is a specialized part of physiotherapy and can help restore normal function for patients.

In addition to providing individualized programs to help cancer patients recover from their illness, physiotherapy for cancer patients can benefit these patients psychologically as well. Physiotherapists often work very closely with their patients and develop a bond with them. This bond can be a tremendous comfort to someone who is facing an illness such as cancer and who may be surrounded by doctors who, very often, do not take the necessary time to explain procedures and options to the patients. While doctors are encouraged not to “get involved” with their patients, for many different reasons, physiotherapists are trained to develop a good rapport with their patients as this generally adds a feeling of trust between therapist and patient and is proven to produce good results.