Philosophy term paper

To write a Philosophy tem paper is both easy and difficult. One interesting point about the subject is that you can write with a free mind on any subject, in the light of your own feelings and observations. For example, how an essay can be developed on the topic, “Whether God can be seen?” Here is a model argument between the two “philosophers” (friends).

A: How do you say that God can be seen?

B: I say because, I have seen Him. I have experienced Him.

A: Have you seen with your naked eyes of you have experienced Him? If so, what is the nature of your experience?

B: You can’t see God with your naked eyes. He can be seen through your Inner Eye.

A: Do I have the Inner Eye? Can I see Him as well?

B: Of course. Every human being has the Inner Eye…A Perfect Master has the capacity to open your Inner Eye, with his grace……

The above incomplete example is given only to illustrate the infinite nature of the philosophical arguments. Philosophy deals with subjects like God and Creation, which are the ‘unresolved subjects’ so far by the philosophers and the scientists.

You are blessed to be guided for writing your Philosophy term paper by intellectual giants like Socrates, Plato and Aristotle, who have left giant texts full of various theories and explanations on various issues related to philosophy. No Philosophy term paper would be complete without making reference to these all-time greats.

The scope for Philosophical term paper is endless. The variety of the subjects is mind-boggling. Philosophy is an all-embracing subject. Leave aside the all-time great topics like God and Creation. A cursory glance of the subjects related to 20th Century Western Philosophy will stun you. The catalog of the subjects will look like a dictionary.
Some of the topics are, Government Corruption, How do we die, Physician Assisted Suicide, Italian Futurist Women, Pro death Penalty argument, Ethical considerations in care-giving for the older adult and elderly, Ethical concerns in a case of dementia, Human Organ Sales, First, do no harm- analysis of physician objectives, Law versus Justice,
Ethics in Organizations, Aids and the Dying Process, Patient perspective, Sell organs for transplants is unethical, etc.

On a careful review of some of the above subjects, it can be seen that subjects for Philosophy term papers are many. Some of the topics are such that you need to study the subject with mathematical precision. The modern materialistic civilization and the industrial revolution have created metamorphic changes in the social, cultural life of human beings. It is not that an individual doesn’t believe in God. The race of life is so fast that he has no time for God. In this connection, I remember a brief dialogue that took place between a philosopher and an industrialist.

“Revered Sir, How do I get peace of mind?”

“Do meditation for one hour daily.”

“I don’t have that much spare time.”

“Then live without peace of mind!”