Pet Adoption Fee

Pet adoption fees are being collected during the adoption fees. Whether it is a pet adoption from shelters or from rescue groups, adoption fees range from $75 dollars to $200 dollars. There has been numerous debates over pet adoption fees.

People who are giving up their pet for adoption think that their pets is not up for adoption but for sale. Most people think that it is inappropriate to charge for an animal that is already homeless or soon to be homeless. Some people interpret that shelters and rescue groups are in it for the money, rather than looking for the best suitable home for their beloved pets.

There are even arguments from people saying that the range of the adoption fee is to high, something between $20 to $50 dollars will be suitable enough for “homeless” animals. The higher the adoption fee, the larger conception that organizations and people are just trying to get money from other people’s pockets.

But there are realistic reasons for charging an adoption fee. Adoption fees make sure that animals are going to suitable, responsible and secure homes. It is a sad reality that there are dog fighting rings and animals can be used as bait to train fighting dogs. Giving away animals can make these “homeless” animals more vulnerable to abuse.

Paying adoption fees also shows commitment. If there are people who are unable to pay for their pet’s adoption fees, how likely is it that these people will provide for their pet’s other needs. Pets do not only requires attention and time, but also they require financial responsibility. Aside from food, grooming and day-to-day needs, there are also regular veterinary check-ups and vaccines that needs to be done.

Pet adoption fees do not go to people’s pockets for personal use. Pet adoption fees cover the operating expenses, pet care, medical bills and so forth. In most cases, adoption fees may also fall short of the actual expenses.

Pet adoption fee is sometimes determined by the vetting cost. This include vaccinations (for puppies normally it takes over a period of 6 weeks to 16 weeks) and spay/neuter. There are even adoptable animals that require dental cleaning or tooth removal or a surgery. Still, shelters and rescue groups do not overcharge and still go with the normal fee.

For animal rescue groups, their adoption fees are usually higher than that of shelters. Shelters often have relationship with rescue groups, they ask rescue groups to take responsibility for animals that they cannot afford to pay for the vetting cost.

There are people who are doing the adoption process personally without shelter or animal rescue organization help to ensure that their pets will be taken to a good home. Individual pet owners may charge adoption fee since there are times that they include kennel, food dishes, toys, bedding and other pet accessories before adopting. Some would require an adoption fee to cover the vetting costs that they have incurred while taking responsibility for the pet.

Why animal rescue groups charge higher fees than shelters is that are volunteers that provide care and training for animals using their own personal finances. Rescue groups do not have corporate backing. Rescuers use their funds for looking the best possible match, setting up transports, calling adopting family prospects and reference checks.

Pet adoption fees are justified by having a healthy companion or additional family member. Let’s remember that pets are not toys to be discarded when we are already done with playing them.

The sad truth is since we are living in a material world, pets without value are considered disposable.