Pest Control Company to Keep Pests Away From Your Pets

Tips on How to Make Your Home Pet-Friendly

Many of us consider our pets as part of the family. Whether you own one cat or live with 8 dogs, caring for these furry friends requires attention, effort, time, and a safe environment. Some things that do not have harmful effects on us might be hazardous to our pets. So, it is important to know their specific needs. 

If you want to ensure your pets are comfortable living with you, it’s best to maintain a pet-friendly household. We have listed 6 tips to make your home pet-friendly – from knowing which plants are safe for them to keeping your house pest-free by calling a pest control company.

  • Keep your house clean. First things first, organize small trinkets laying on tables, desktops, floors, and countertops. Make sure to properly store medicine, cleaning products, and other chemicals that are possibly hazardous to animals.

    Most pets, like dogs and cats, are naturally playful. They enjoy wandering around while sniffing, biting, and playing with almost anything and everything. It is best to store your fragile items and precious belongings up high. Find a space or drawer where you can keep them to avoid any damage or breakage.For your own health, consider investing in a good vacuum cleaner. It is common for dogs and cats to shed. Hence, it is important to remove dust and fur to avoid triggering allergies. Make it a habit to deep clean your entire home at least 2 to 3 times a week to lessen hair and fur in your space.
  • Know which indoor plants are okay for your pets. If you plan on keeping plants inside your home, double-check if these are safe and non-toxic to animals. Some trendy plants like Philodendron and Fiddle Leaf Fig are toxic to dogs and cats if ingested. Always do your research first and make sure that every plant you get is safe and not poisonous to your pets.
  • Fix open wires. If you have any broken or open wires at home, have them fixed right away. This is one of the most important things you have to avoid if you live with a pet or two. Your furry family members might chew on these wires if left unaddressed.

  • Ask your local electrician if they can install concealed wiring in your house. For lamps, computer cables, phone chargers, TV wirings, and other electric cords, you can get cable protectors to keep your pets from chewing on these wires.
  • Avoid carpets and rugs. Furnishing your floor with exquisite carpets and expensive rugs might not be a good idea if you have a playful furry housemate. There is a possibility that your carpets and rugs may accumulate fur, dead hair, dirt, and bacteria, which are bad for you and your pets.

You can opt for porcelain tiles, laminated wood, or marble as your flooring instead. These materials are easy to clean. Plus, these are not prone to accumulate bacteria and viruses.

  • Cover your trash bins. Trash cans with lids will be your best friend if you have a playful pet living with you. Since trash cans without lids can pose dangerous problems to your pets’ health, it’s best to cover your bins after every use. 

Your trash bin covers can discourage your pets from getting into them and sniffing or chewing (or trying to eat) everything inside. If you can, you can also keep the trash bins outdoors or inside a kitchen cabinet.

  • Get a regular pest control service. Did you know that mosquitoes can cause skin irritation and heartworm disease in dogs? Keep pests away from your pets by getting a regular pest control service. Mosquito fogging has been proven effective and safe for humans and pets in a lot of instances. Give your trusted pest control company a call to ask for assistance and more information.

Choosing to have a pet is more than just a chore; it’s a decision you made to take care of them as part of everyday life. It is a complete lifestyle change and a life-long commitment. They give us bliss and joy, so it is only right that we give them a safe and comfortable home where they can play and enjoy.