Persuasive Essay

Persuasive essay is somewhat like argumentative essay writing. But the force of persuasion is lesser than argumentation. Persuasion seems to be the soft approach. In persuasive essay writing you have a solid base to put forth your facts, value and finally the vision. You need to draw your opponent to your viewpoint step by step. Nobody would like to change one’s opinion, unless one has strong reasons to do that. Persuasion is a patient skill. It may involve several sessions. In a Persuasive essay, when you methodically explain and summarize all the relevant points, and the reader repeatedly broods over them, the chances of his veering round your view point brighten.

A good persuasive essay has the following points. An individual with good persuasive skills is also a good salesman. “What would be your approach to sell the Refrigerator to an unwilling customer?” was the question asked to a candidate for the post of Field Representative. The answer by the smart candidate was, “My approach is to create an artificial demand in him, even if he doesn’t have the genuine need for one. I am capable of selling refrigerators to the Eskimos,” said the persuasive-specialist candidate. While pursuing a point with your opponent, do not say, “Whatever I say is correct; say, whatever correct is there in the world belongs to me!” Such individuals can write a good Persuasive essay.

The sum and substance of a Persuasive essay is to establish your facts. That is possible if your arguments are not for the sake of argument, but have proper, acceptable support. You have to understand the perspective of your audience first. To whom do you address your Persuasive essay? With this backgrounder in mind, make a draft of the essay. Evaluate what you need to say first. Your best points, the impressive arguments need to come first. The first impression is always the last impression. In your over enthusiasm, do not climb from the first step to the fifth step. If you cultivate such an approach, the fall would be imminent. Hasten slowly. No doubt you have confidence about the contents of your Persuasive essay, but remember you are taking the reader to the wonderland of new ideas. He has his known values and convictions. He has his own strong roots over the subject. To make him budge from his stated position, you need to support your Persuasive essay with unassailable facts.

While making the final draft of your Persuasive essay, pay attention to some of the following points. Firstly, jot down your notes and the points that you have decided to put forth in your essay. Now think from the point of view of the person/s that is gong to negate your findings. Take it that your opponent is a strong individual, capable of outsmarting you. Revise your answers, if necessary, accordingly. Reassure yourself that your arguments are prejudice-free. Even if your opponent does not agree with you, the points presented by you should win his appreciation. The emotional contents of your Persuasive essay will have temporary effect only. Therefore, minimize it, but do not avoid it altogether.