Persuasive Communication Techniques: 3 Ways To Communicate To Get What You Want

Over the years, persuasive communication techniques have helped a lot of people gain more control over their lives. These people have successfully developed a stronger sense of self and have gained a better understanding of other people as well.

And now, you too can harness these strategies yourself! All you need to do is to open up your mind to the endless possibilities this information can direct you to.

Below are some of the persuasive communication techniques that are proven very effective:

Persuasive Communication Technique # 1: Build Rapport.

One of the best ways to achieve successful persuasion is by building rapport. Now rapport could mean different things to different people.

For some, it could mean chatting with them everyday after lunch or over a cigarette smoke. For others, it could mean agreeing with them during a general meeting.

One powerful way to establish rapport is by mirroring. When you mirror someone, you copy his style of speaking or moving. For example, if he talks in a fast-paced voice, you do the same. If he puts his hand in his pocket, you do it too. This unconsciously conveys to the other person that you’re just like them. But do it in a subtle, non-obvious manner or people might think you’re mocking them.

Persuasive Communication Technique # 2: Be On Their Side.

How do you show you’re on their side? Simple. Tell that person what he can get in return. These days, people are more wary about who they choose to support or what they decide to buy.

By stating the number of benefits they can get, thus showing them that you are on their side, you’ll be able to persuade them more effectively.

For example, if you want to convince your girlfriend’s little brother that you’re okay, you need to connect with that kid on a closer level. Give that boy treats every once in a while. Show him that you can be the older brother he’s never had.

Persuasive Communication Technique # 3: Less Is More.

People are fed up of salespeople with motor mouths. The more you talk, the less likely they’ll believe in you.

Sometimes, the most effective persuasion technique involves less words and more action. The reason for this is that you don’t really need to say too much about your product or your cause, because it speaks for itself. In a way, this approach is more modern and will most likely appeal to the younger generation.

There’s no better time for you to learn about persuasive communication techniques. Now that everybody is starting to realize just how much they can contribute to society – or on a smaller scale, to their company – you need to step up your game. Keep yourself ahead of the flock by constantly updating your skill set.