Personal Happiness

Happiness is not something that comes to you. Happiness is not something to be waited for. If you wait for things to change in your life in order to feel happy, you are missing out!

Happiness is a way of being. It is being appreciative of who you are. It is being grateful for the unique talents you have been blessed with. Happiness is the joy of being alive. Happiness is that inner knowing that you made a contribution, that you gave your best effort possible, no matter the ultimate outcome.

Happiness has no regrets. Happiness comes from the heart and has a profound effect on your physical, emotional and spiritual well being.

Happiness is who you are. If it wasn’t part of you, how could you ever experience it?

I can experience happiness in the smile of a child, through the encouragement of a friend, watching a beautiful sunset or listening to a musical masterpiece by Andrea Bocelli.

How do you experience happiness?

The emotional state and consequent feelings of happiness depend on what you allow yourself to experience. It can be triggered by outside events — things that move and inspire you — or by the images and thoughts you entertain within your mind.

Your thoughts affect the emotional state and the way you feel about the things in your life. The way you feel will greatly influence the actions you decide to take or not to take. The actions you take determine the results you get.

These results will affect your experience of life and create your perception of reality. What you perceive to be true for yourself will shape your beliefs and your outlook on life. That’s why happy people live happy lives and angry people live angry lives. It is a self fulfilling prophecy!

Happiness is a choice! Be the cause of your own happiness and watch the ripple effect it has on others.

Choose happiness. Make it a habit.