Personal Development Is A Journey

First, let me welcome you to my personal development article. I´m really excited to be able to share my visions and thoughts about how to attain a better and more abundant life. I have been on this fantastic journey quite a while already – about 20 years by now – and I thought it is about time to share some of my experiences here. Maybe it can be of some help to you.

Personal Development is a journey, an inner journey and you will not get there overnight. But since everybody on this planet is on her own unique journey, one day we will all get there – everyone at her own pace. It is a process going along “your” path which keeps changing depending on your view and perspective of life. The adventure of personal development will be much fun but there will be also times when you rather would like to turn around and go back.

There might be certain habits you are well acquainted with and they leave you and something new comes into place. You might loose your job because your attitude towards yourself has changed and you don´t fit in that job environment anymore. It is very important not to be afraid of changes. At first sight they might look as if they were negative and we are going to suffer but that is only because we cannot see the whole picture. Our view of existence is limited and directly related to our past and present experiences and the way we live.

Personal Development has to do with trust. Trust in yourself, your feelings, trust in existence, in life as such. Nothing never goes wrong, everything has it´s cause and effect, it´s purpose – it is just us who don´t understand.

If you walk the road of Personal Development (PD) you have already realized that your potential is far greater than you once thought. You have certainly had glimpses of a different life, other possibilities and potentials. PD opens up a new world of possible life changing perspectives so that at times it might be difficult to decide which way to go. Realizing the greatness of a human being (yourself) has an immediate impact on how your relate to yourself and your environment.

Issues like damaged self worth or fear of expressing our thoughts and feelings without thinking about the possible consequences will be resolved on your way and for the first time you will taste the utter feeling of personal freedom. The freedom from oneself. But this is like taking the second step before the first.

At first in the beginning everybody who engages herself consciously in personal development has to ask a few questions:

What does my life mean to me? What are my goals? Which dreams are going through my mind? What do I fear the most? What are my habits? Which ones have proved useful and which should I drop? What do I expect of myself? Am I responsible or do I throw responsibility on others? What are the things I enjoy doing the most? At which moments do I feel happiness and joy?….and so forth.

In our everyday lives we are affected by everything around us. Watching TV, reading the newspaper, going out to dinner. Our lives are overwhelmed with media and information and it is hard to find a quiet place or time to listen to the inner voice which is a valuable resource in our personal development journey.

Personal Development is about celebrating your life. It is about learning and education, taking the next step necessary. You are going to realize what a wonderful gift life has given to you and the only responsibility you have is to reach and fulfill all your dreams.True success and happiness comes from within and is living the life you truly desire to live – spiritually, physically, relationally and mentally. Make a commitment today and soon you will have a new passion in your life: Your Personal Development Journey.


What is the meaning of your life? Are you living up to your expectations? What are your dreams? Is your life worth a dime? All these questions are asked when you go on an adventure journey in personal development – the deeper challenge of life.