Personal Development Addiction

The personal development industry generates billions every year. Seekers are always eager to try the latest technique, course or recording in order that they may learn the secrets of life and create a meaningful, joyous existence for themselves. There are personal development books, potions, tapes/CDs, techniques, courses, seminars and gurus that all promise to change your life – sometimes in an instant! However, the self improvement & personal development industry just gets bigger every year, which means people are remaining dissatisfied, unhappy and unfulfilled. Buying countless personal development items can have the reverse effect and leave you worse off than you were before you bought them!

Are you addicted to personal development? Do you buy the latest products but see little or no results? Are you constantly “working on yourself”?

This is a common problem with the self improvement student seeking growth in their own personal development. I must admit that I have fallen pray to this trap myself – spending years trying out product after product, listening to tape after tape and trying technique after technique until I found the answer!

If this sounds like you then let me tell you there is hope and a solution. Firstly, don’t regard your past self improvement & personal development efforts as a waste of time or money. Each new insight into yourself helps you grow and each new approach gives you more tools, even if you haven’t been able to reap the maximum benefit from those tools before now.

Secondly, and most importantly, you must take action! Many personal development approaches fail simply because they are not given a chance! Take the steps that are outlined in the self improvement program you are following. Apply the new insight you’ve gained and take a little action each day. This will greatly increase your success rate!

However, there is another and vitally important reason for your failure or only mediocre results. The problem is you have become what you are trying to fix!

Let me explain. If you really are addicted to personal development then you will already know that in order to see the results you want in your life you must first become what you are seeking. For example to become more confident you must first see yourself as being more confident, acting more confident and projecting confidence. You must alter your self-image to reflect the belief that you are self-confident. This is the aim of the personal development product or technique you are using – to alter your belief system, self-image and habitual thinking, regardless of what it is you are trying to change in yourself.

You must convince yourself subconsciously that what you want has already taken place or is in the process of becoming. In order to see change in the outside world you must first change yourself from within. So, in order to become more confident you must first ‘be’ more confident. To see wealth come into your life you must first ‘become’ wealthy. To become more attractive to others you must first feel more attractive within yourself. You see, you must ’be’ first before you can ’have’.

So how does this affect your personal development and the fact that you are addicted to self improvement gaining little or no results? Well the answer is simple! You have become a personal development seeker instead of a personal development achiever! This should be the first thing you work on!

Take any of your self improvement courses/tapes/books and start with that. You don’t need any more!! Devote a half hour a day to altering your self-image so that it reflects a person who gets results from personal development instead of a self-improvement seeker who is constantly ‘working on themselves‘. Be consistent until you see results. Get that right and you will find that every personal development plan you followed before actually does work!