Personal Accidental Insurance – Is It Worth Investing?

Personal accident insurance, as the name suggests, comes to your rescue when you meet with unexpected accidents. This policy covers any accident and is not limited to work related accidents. It covers various monetary needs at this crucial point of time like regular income, medical expenses, hospitalization charges, funding for child’s education, total reimbursement of money to the family in case of death, etc.

Since, accidents are unexpected, personal accident insurance is one of the must have insurance policies. This policy, apart from providing timely monetary help, also looks after various financial needs till the time of recovery. Below are the various benefits that convey us that investing in personal accident insurance policy is worthwhile.

Available for almost all occupations: Personal accidental insurance is available to every individual irrespective of their occupation, age and gender, due to the obvious reason that accidents can happen to anyone. It is highly valuable for people in some risky professions such as construction, plumbing, etc. where they are highly prone to accidents. It is also useful for sole traders, business partners and the company directors, as their companiesÂ’ liability policies do not cover their personal accidents.

Provides coverage for injuries: This insurance is highly beneficial as the policy holders can get coverage for temporary partial disability, permanent partial disability and even permanent total disability. This policy covers all the treatment costs of the above mentioned injuries like hospitalization charges and medical expenses till the time you recover. Depending on the type of disability, the insurance company pays the amount on a daily, monthly, weekly basis or in lump sum.

Monthly income until you return to work: After a serious injury, it is obvious that one needs to take complete rest for a certain period of time. During this period, the injured person cannot work and get income, his livelihood will be troubled. But, if you have a personal insurance policy in hand, the insurance company provides some part of your income to fulfill various daily needs. This income is tax-free and the amount will be reimbursed at the end of every month.

Reduces financial worries: Personal accident insurance is the only policy which provides monetary help for various other needs, besides the treatment costs. This policy not only covers medical expenses, hospitalization charges and income, but also helps in reducing various other financial worries by providing educational grants for childrenÂ’s education, funeral expenses in case of death, etc. These extra benefits depend on the amount of premium you choose to pay. Thus, this policy ensures an overall economic stability during the time of crisis.

Instant coverage when purchased through reputed broker: Since it is difficult to choose a suitable accidental policy from a wide range of policies available in the market, it is better to approach a reputed insurance broker who can help you with a tailor-made policy after assessing your risks. An insurance broker is always a right person to get the best deal for you and is also the person who is responsible for getting the insurance cover if any accident happens to you all of a sudden. A reputed brokerage firm can provide you the cover within 24 hours of the claim. Instant coverage and timely renewals are possible only with the help of a reputed broker.

Unlike the other life insurance and medical policies, personal accidental policy covers all aspects of personal financial needs of the injured person. Many customized packages are also available based on risk assessment and amount of money you insure.