Permanent Eyelashes – Are They For You?

Having beautiful curvaceous eyelashes draws a persons gaze to your eyes. But how do you get long eyelashes? False eyelashes offer a solution but do you have the time to apply them daily with today’s busy lifestyle. Also applying false eyelashes is not as easy as it looks and if not done right can look terrible.

Semi permanent eyelashes is another more expensive solution. This works out expensive over time as you need to get the eyelashes replaced every 2- 3 months, if you still want gorgeous long eyelashes.

So what other options are available to you if you want long luscious eyelashes? The alternative to false eyelashes or eyelash extensions is permanent eyelashes. This proceed is gaining in popularity in America and throughout the rest of the world. This will give you permanent long lahses without the hassle and on going costs.

Getting permanent eyelashes involves a 1 time surgical procedure. The process requires implanting 50 – 60 individual hairs into your eyelids replacing your existing lashes. By doing this you no longer need to worry about the time it takes to apply false lashes or the ongoing cost of eyelash extensions. Before diving in to get permanent eyelashes their is a few facts that have to be considered.

Learn More About Permanent Eyelash Extensions

Before permanent eyelash extensions became popular in the USA it was more common in Asian countries like Japan and Korea. Asian women in general have less hair and short eyelashes. Many women in these countries cannot afford to have this operation or are unwilling to. For those that have taken the decision of surgery, many are satisfied with the results.

Permanent Eyelashes – The Not So Good

Their are 2 major disadvantages of having this surical procedure done. The fisrt being it is very expensive to do and the second is that your insurance can become invalidated. Your insurance maybe affected as this surgery was done not for health concerns but for beauty.

Any surgical procedure carries a certain element of risk. All precautions are taken during surgery but if the surgeon is not cautious than the risk increases. If you decide to go ahead with the procedure you can enjoy permanent long lasting lashes morning and night with little upkeep. Maybe having surgery to get long luscious permanent eyelashes is not your thing.

If you do not have the time to mess around with false eyelashes or the mounting cost of having semi permanent eyelash extensions applied every 2-3 months than go for permanent eyelash extensions you will be very happy with the results.