Perhaps Another Tool To Aid The Obesity Fight?

Scientists in the UK claim they have developed a 3D scanner that can accurately determine if a person is truly obese.

Currently, doctors gauge fatness with a calculation of body mass index (BMI) which relies on weight and height measurements. But BMI is flawed – people with lots of muscle are considered overweight.

The new scanner, the Body Volume Index, takes into account body shape and how much fat a person carries. The plan is to scan at least 20,000 people over the next two years as part of the Body Benchmark Study.

A consultant on the project explains the current testing. “The scanner has certainly helped motivate some patients to manage their weight more effectively but there are also patients who were not scanned who lost weight.”

Muscle weighs more than fat, so this will provide people with a more conclusive test, which is especially effective at gauging obesity in the overweight. The key is to manage weight properly before obesity comes into question. If this can help obesity in any way, itÂ’s worth the effort!