Perfect Valentine Venue for your Sweetheart.

You may kiss your sweetheart everyday several times at your home but Valentine’s day comes only once in a year. Valentine’s day dates are invaluable to tell your beloved how much you actually love him or her. As the date is special, the venue has to be unforgettable too. The ambiance, the surroundings have to be extremely romantic and suitable with the positive energies as per your Valentine’s temperament. So gift your Valentine the ideal date at an awesomely beautiful venue.

Do you know where Romeo and Juliet dated first? It was a ballroom during a ballet when their eyes met to each other for the first time. Adam and Eve first dated in the pure, sovereign and natural greenery of the garden of Eden. Julius Caesar and Marcus Antonio both dated Cleopatra during political upheaval at the castle of Cleopatra in Egypt. There are various other dating venues where our heroes and heroins dated first. Searching through the pages about St. Valentine some painfully romantic dating stories come in front. When we hug our sweetheart celebrating Valentine’s day we never remember the pathos of the jailer’s daughter who was fated to receive the Valentine wish first time ever in the world from St. Valentine just before he was going to hang and they dated in the jail. There was a romantic note signed ‘From your Valentine’ by St. Valentine himself. The magic of his holy being created another spell, just after his death; spring, the season of merrymaking started. Since that time the lovers started dating on 14th February.

Since there is no age bar for falling in love there are different age groups of lovers all round the globe. According to the age groups of people the taste of venue for dating naturally varies. The traditional and nostalgic minds like to fly over the vales and mountains of Scotland countryside. The city of Glasgow is reputed worldwide because the couples believe that St. Valentine still resides at the churches hereby and they call this place as the ‘City of Love’. Gretna Green, the sister city has also received the fame of being the ideal place to date and then marry your soul mates. Romantic love birds from England and other European countries come here in order to get married. During ages French castles of historic importance are also noted ethnic Valentine dating venue for couples. The ballerinas of castles and monuments around old boulevards of England, France, Ireland and Scotland are hugely famous and the most exclusive and expensive dating points for sophisticated couples.

Young Americans share different interests than the middle aged couples in case of choosing a perfect venue for their partners on Valentine’s day. The new age youngsters love to spend valentine’s day parties in the discs with jumbo-box stereophonic Dolby digital sound effect of rock music. The most popular and hep gen-Y culture now a days tend to celebrate the Valentine’s day parties at the malls, restaurants and other popular hang out spots for dating. Whereas some middle aged busiest working American couples celebrates Valentine’s dates at the warmest and cozy corners of their own sweet homes. Some order delicious menu from favorite restaurants, besides some like to casually roam around the places they dated earlier and cherish the cups of their nostalgia. Pittsberg is one of the hottest choice for the couples of all age because of its photogenic landscapes and worldly reputed inns and restaurants. London is another hotcake in the list of Valentine date venue. The train and air tickets to London from all sides around the globe is overflowed with bookings and reservations during the valentine’s day.

Actually its up to the person, your valentine that he or she would like to get a wonderful date at the heavenly places on earth or at the rooftop of your home itself. It will be the greatest joy of the world if your valentine finds the venue awesomely attractive and beautiful. If it pleases him or her too much that she feels like thanking you with a sweetest kiss, that means you are greatly successful in planning out the perfect dating. After all you know your beloved the most. So its your task to find out a perfect and attractively apt venue for celebrating the day to make it an all time memorable one.