Perfect Intention is from Spirit instead of Ego

There are times when we manifest what we intended but we aren’t happy or fulfilled although we got what we wanted. That is because we have intended based on what we think we should want or other people’s idea of what we should want instead of what we truly desire. When we try to form definite intentions for the sake of manifesting things when we are not inspired to, we are intending from ego instead of spirit. When we allow our intentions to be naturally inspired, we will manifest what we truly desire.

It is not true that you must know everything you really want and all of it’s details. Sometimes you don’t really know what you want or you don’t know all of the specifics of it yet, but it is perfectly alright. It is usually the essence of something that you want rather than the particular form itself. All you need is to hold on to the essence and let the universe bring in the appropriate form. When you’re attached to a particular form of how you want your desire to be manifested, you may limit yourself from other forms.

That is the problem with forcing yourself to intend specifically about a desire when you are not ready to. When you know you desire something but do not have full knowledge of the details, just hold on to the essence of the desire and let the universe take care of the details. Sometimes you do desire to have something in a particular form and that desire is inspired. That is when you are able to intend specifically naturally. Choose to intend everything from spirit, both the essence and form of your desire.

In every moment of your life, you will be guided as to what to intend next. Your intentions can also keep changing form as you go along. They will become sharper and sharper as you evolve into greater awareness of who you are and what truly desire. What you are supposed to be intending now may change later as spirit guides you in creating the next thing it has purposed for you to create. Always follow spirit according to when you should intend the same way and when you should intend a new way.

You know that it is necessary to hold an intention continually until it is manifested in order to keep on giving it the energy for manifestation. You may have several intentions which some are from spirit and some are from ego. You do not know the difference until later as you make the discovery or come to the realization. Therefore be willing to drop whatever intentions that you realize are from ego instead of spirit. By doing so, you free up energy which can be channeled into manifesting spirit intentions.

All your true desires are already in your subconscious and are meant to be discovered. To be a conscious creator is to make the unconscious conscious, but when you try to make all your unconscious desires conscious immediately now, it won’t work. Some things you’re meant to be conscious of now, but other things you’re meant to awaken to them at the right time. Being conscious of them now would serve no purpose and may even sabotage your work of creation because you are not ready for them.

By trying to make everything in your unconscious conscious now, you are not trusting in divine order and timing. What you’re meant to be conscious of now will be inspired by your higher self for you to become aware of. You will know you do not need to be conscious of something when you do not really feel the desire to know it. When you allow yourself to be led from one moment to the next without needing to know everything at once, you will become conscious of the right thing at the right time.

Sometimes you may know a few specific points about something that you want, and that is all that matters. Because those specific points are your core requirements no matter how few they are. Everything else about it don’t really matter and therefore as long those core requirements are present, you will be satisfied with the manifestation of your intention. Certain things are fixed while everything else is variable. So you don’t need to know every detail about your intention when the few points are all you need.

When you intend your desire to manifest at a certain time in a certain way, you may limit yourself from other ways by which the universe can bring it in. That is not to say it won’t happen, it just takes longer. Your intention requires more energy to manifest when you force it to come through a certain channel. But when you let it come in its own way, it can happen more effortlessly and faster. You can intend something to happen and just let the universe arrange for it to happen at the best time in the best way.

Your higher self has not only chosen your highest purposes and desires but it has also chosen every detail as well. There is nothing for your ego to choose except to choose the choices of your higher self. To think that you must make choices in order for your desires to manifest, is to think that you are lacking those choices, and therefore you have to create them. The truth is everything has been provided including the choices for your intentions. There is nothing to do and only to allow God to do it.