People Who are Lucky

No one will say that it is easy to survive, even if things are going fine. People are under a strain all the time even knowing the fact that they are the creators of it. We become vulnerable when we are to make serious decisions, though we created coziness around to be protected from that deadly influence of the society. After hopeless try to pull yourself out of the state of depression you sink into your armchair crying about how hard it is for you to handle everything and how cruel people are towards you. It is hard to solve problems on your own, but there is always someone to hold your hand when facing difficulty.

The average portrait of a friend is similar to the following: He is rich, smart, self confident, creative, has a great sense of humor and has a positive attitude towards everything he does. But these features are not the object of your overwhelming jealousy, though you tend to deny the fact stubbornly. You can give everything up for just a part of that luck your friend has. Conversation makes the situation even worse, making you more miserable than you were before. It is not your friend’s fault and you are completely aware of that fact.

A rare person will discuss a cause of being in low spirits and that is a result of a research made by psychologists. But people get excited discussing the luck of those who are in some way better, richer, prettier, smarter etc. Alongside we continue to complain about the problems that toss your life like an aspen leaf in the wind. No one denies the fact that life is hard but you still feel frustrated because of people who are capable to pick up a hundred dollar note in the middle of the crowd, turn in the term paper and get the highest grade, though it was not duly written, meet a person they live happily ever after with. And the most offending fact is that they do not apply a single effort to do it.

What does the term “luck” mean for you? By luck we mean a favorable coincidence of circumstances that brings fruitful results to the person that does not apply a single effort to get the desired result. The essence of a statement can be subjectively interpreted. An individual has every chance to get the desired result at his disposal. But formulating the aim you are not getting close enough to the successful completion of the task. To be the best you need to stay focused on task, apply creativeness, be persistent and never give up. Success is not something that appears at the blink of an eye. If your first try fails, this is not the reason to quit the begun. “Try, try, never say “die”, says the saying that means that your persistence will be duly assessed in the end. The first thing you start from is positive attitude which in the long run brings fruitful results. You will be preoccupied with your aim and there will be no time to gather all your thoughts and get into unnecessary analyses of what was luck and what was effort. Push them into the back of your mind and go on working at your task without looking back on previous failures. Then you will realize how relatively exact the above-mentioned definition of luck is.

A person comforting you appears not that lucky after careful thinking. The recipe of his success is similar to the described above: he never looses faith in himself, never doubts in his abilities and always focuses on positive. Here is a conclusion you might come up to, “Looser blames his failure on bad luck; a winner blames his failure on his carelessness”. Define for yourself who you are. If you are a winner at heart than good for you, if not – start acting like a one. And be sure that some people that did not yet get to the essence of luck will be considering you a very lucky person.