People, Not Animals Have Sixth Sense

If something is repeated enough, it often becomes fact. It doesn’t matter if it is true or not; it only matters that it is accepted as fact by a majority of people. If untrue, it will remain fact until it is proven to be untrue.

A good example of this is the common belief that animals have a sixth sense. There is no scientific or other evidence to prove this theory, and yet it is a “fact” to a majority of people. Moreover, those who hold to this view, have, over time, evolved this claim to include more ability than even the term suggests. Animals not only have a heightened sense of awareness, but they also have the ability to perceive supernatural phenomenon and natural disasters as well.

Without doubt animals seem to “know” about certain things before people are aware of them. An earthquake is a good example. It has been documented that dogs, cat, birds, horses and a host of other animals react to an earthquake many seconds before the quake is felt by humans.

A television documentary on the extraordinary senses of animals included the recording of a test conducted on how birds reacted to an explosion. A building was being demolished and just before the explosion occurred, the scores of pigeons perched on the outside ledges of the building lifted off and flew to safety before the physical impact on the building was seen.

Cameras had been set up in strategic locations to capture the behavior of the birds. The footage was amazing. From the video it was clear that the pigeons’ sixth sense had kicked in and warned them of impending danger and they responded to it before it occurred. Or had they?

Closer examination of the footage run at a very slow speed revealed that at the time of detonation, the pigeons had not moved. The explosion occurred first and then, nearly a full second later, the pigeons reacted to the percussion and lifted off the ledge just before the effects of the explosion reached them.

Mounting evidence invariably supports that it is indeed the heightened senses of animals that allow them to “feel” things before people. In the case of an earthquake, for example, animals can feel rumblings deep inside the earth well before they are ever felt by people.

When it comes to the supernatural, there is a wealth of folk lore fables, but no qualitative evidence to suggest they have any supernatural sense. Indeed, it seems this is one area where mankind has an advantage over the animals; for without doubt people have a sixth sense.

On every continent, in every culture, in every time, people “feel” there is a God. Behind the iron and bamboo curtains, on the plains of Mongolia, behind the bushes of the Amazon jungle, people everywhere have a “sense” of God.

I like to refer to this sense as SONG, a simple acronym for the Sense of Our Need for God. Inside each human being there exists an awareness of God. This sense transcends culture, race, gender and age. Children of every nation have an awareness of God. Everyone as a child shared this belief. You may not remember it. Time and life’s experiences may have robbed you of the memory of it. But you once had an awareness of God. We are all born with it.

Man is unique among all God’s creatures. We are made in his image. We know he is there. We know we can talk to him. We have a “sense” that tells us this, a sixth sense. It is we who have this special sense and not the animals. Have you taken advantage of that sense?