Peeling Off the Layers of Our Multi-Dimensional Reality

Mainstream science is thought to be complete, only giving credence to data that can be physically measured with the available five senses: by this way of thinking, anything that cannot be tasted, smelled, touched, heard or seen through physical means is not scientific, and can only be speculated through philosophy. Complex machines measure elements which cannot be seen or experienced by the human eye, such as microscopic particles like atoms, electrons, neutrons, protons and vibrations.

However, therein lies a huge problem.

According to mainstream science, our bodies are made up of physical elements, tissue and organs that operate via electrical impulses sent to and from the brain. The brain can be thought of as the “CPU” of the physical body. This concept is widely accepted, however if it were 100% accurate, then why doesn’t your personal computer have consciousness?

We cannot dismiss this simple but powerful fact of life and existence. The physical body operates according to physical laws, but the mind is not a physical organ. The mind is not the brain and no matter how hard scientists and physicists have tried to locate consciousness inside the body, they have never been remotely successful.

How could this be?

The mind is non-physical, existing and operating outside of the physical dimension. Shape, height, width, mass, space and time are all measurements of physical reality. The mind cannot be measured in this way, and therefore it is nonphysical and non-spacial. Where does your mind begin and end? How large or small is it? How much does it weigh? What is its shape?

Have you ever asked yourself these questions?

If you have, you could have only come to two possible conclusions:

1) Mind and consciousness are located within the physical body
2) Mind is nonphysical, existing both inside and outside the physical body

But if the latter is true, how much space does the mind take up? How far outside the body does it go?… If the mind is nonphysical and non-spacial, then it is “everywhere and no-where” all at once. It exists outside this physical dimension of perceptual reality, and therefore must exist on another frequency, or dimension.

But again, how large is this “other” dimension?… Does it penetrate our Universe?

Even the Universe itself as our greatest scientists have confirmed, while seemingly unbound and eternal – is in fact, not. There is a limit to space and the Universe, as it is constantly expanding. “Something” exists outside of that expansion to make it possible for the Universe to expand. Scientists don’t really know what that is, and call it “dark matter.”

However, even the entirety of the Universe as we’ve been able to measure it, is only in the physical dimension.

The closest mainstream scientists have come to measuring consciousness, is via changes in the vibrations and brainwaves affected by altered states of Mind. They can measure the effect, but not the cause or origin of consciousness itself.

So we’ve concluded that human-kind operates on at least two dimensions. Physical, and Mind. In our physical dimension, we can only concieve of a linear timeline (i.e. past, then present, then future) however… in the mind, time clearly does not exist. In the mind, we can move through the past, present and future with a simple intent. When you remember something, your mind is travelling into the past. When you’re in the moment of experience, your mind is in the present, and when you’re imagining or daydreaming, your mind is in the probable future.

So physically we are bound by space and linear time (to a degree) – yet, in the realm of Mind we can travel at the speed of thought to any time we desire. This is because time does not exist outside this physical dimension and is an illusion of physical reality. And if time must exist for shape, height, width, mass and space to be measured, it can only be concluded that since the Mind is nonphysical and non-spacial, there is no beginning and no end. There is no seperation from mind-to-mind. They are all one Mind. In the physical, we experience the great illusion that we are seperate.

But in truth, we are having an experience of being seperate through individual aspects of the same source.

And if there are at least two dimensions in which our being operates at once, can there be more?

The Realm of Emotion

If we can physically measure the effects of consciousness but not consciousness itself, then what affects consciousness?

Our emotions. And we know how various emotions create different chemicals within the body, but we have never located the “seat” of the emotions themselves. Emotion is different from thought, even though they are connected. This means there is yet another dimension of our Being… the Realm of Emotion.

Emotion influences thought. When you’re mad, you influence the consciousness to attract “angry” thoughts. Which, by the Law of Attraction gives you more of that same energy. When you’re in a state of gratitude, you get more of those things you are thankful for. Emotion charges Mind with energy, which then manifests into physical experience.

But what charges Emotion?

The Realm of Intent

Intent comes not from Mind, nor from Emotion. Intent originates before thought. When you intend to run, you set the energy into motion. Then your mind attracts thoughts of running, which are powered by your emotions of how it feels to run. This is translated into the physical experience of running.

There are many more layers of our reality than we previously imagined. The purpose of this article is to demonstrate that through deep self-reflection and serious contemplation on the nature of the Self and consciousness, it can be determined that we live and operate in a multi-dimensional reality which we experience through individual aspects of one Mind.

What we call consciousness is the movement of Mind, causing vibration and creating reality.