Patent Office

Patent has helped many discoverer and have provided them assurance that their work will be recognized and the hard work which they are putting in won’t go wasted. It is a known fact that these inventors toil day and night and finally come out with a new concept but there are always someone who is always ready to grab this new concept for their own benefit.

Patents came into force to protect the rights of these individuals who always believe in seeing tomorrow and are constantly trying to bring something new in this world. This is why today we see markets being flooded with plethora of new products. New technology, new invention and new gadgets have become have daily phenomenon. A discoverer needs to protect his concepts and idea from being stolen by someone else.

To protect the rights of these discoverers patent an idea was brought into force. This is has been helping several individuals, company’s and even countries that otherwise would have been at disadvantage. Since for a particular specified period the rights are completely exclusives so these inventors can use it for business purpose and can make fortunes.

Today each nation has there own patent office which is responsible for granting patents to the discoverer. The inventor is provided with an application form at the patent office; in the application form he has to furnish all the relevant details about his invention-the purpose and the usefulness of the discovery should be outlined exhaustively; the inventor may even be required to use illustrative diagrams to put forth his point. Different countries may have slightly different procedure but the central idea remains intact. Those desirous of obtaining patent are required to make their invention public.

The patent office has the list of discoveries which have been patented so far; it helps the discoverer to know whether the concept on which he has put his mind, body and soul is a new idea or is a stale idea.

Patents are of different types like chemical patent, biological patent, software patent business method patent, petty patent or innovation patent, design patent and plant patent.

Patents have also been the cause of major disputes. If the dispute is confined to a national boundary then the respective country’s patent office can intervene and take steps to protect the rights of the inventor. But when the disputer crosses the national boundaries then matter becomes too difficult to handle.

Understanding the complexities if international disputes, countries are making concerted efforts bring all patent laws under a single jurisdiction such as bringing it under the ambit of World Trade Organization.

Paris Convention for the Protection of Industrial Property, European Patent Convention, European Patent Organization, and Patent Cooperation are some of the other international forums which are actively trying to ward off international disputes with regard to patents.
Patent has helped many genuine discoverers to get recognized for the work which they do. They are now sure that today are or tomorrow they will be recognized for the efforts they have been put in.