Patent Agent

Today we are living in a technology era where every other a new invention or new discovery takes place. New technology, new invention and new gadgets are constantly being developed.

Patents provide exclusive rights to inventors to protect their invention from being used by others for a specific period of time. Today constant up gradation of existing technology and invention of new technology has become very common.

Earlier, in spite of hard work the discoverers had to suffer because there product or concept were being utilized by others for making money. This disheartened them. In order to protect the interests of these individuals patents were introduced.

A patent can help individuals, company’s and even countries that otherwise would have been at disadvantage. Since for a particular specified period the rights are completely exclusives so these inventors can use it for business purpose and can make fortunes. Patents are of different types like chemical patent, biological patent, software patent business method patent, petty patent or innovation patent, design patent and plant patent.

Today each nation has their own patent office which is responsible for granting patents to the discoverer. The inventor is provided with an application form at the patent office; in the application form he has to furnish all the relevant details about his invention-the purpose and the usefulness of the discovery should be outlined exhaustively; the inventor may even be required to use illustrative diagrams to put forth his point.

Anyone who wants to patent their product or technology has to get in touch with a patent agent. These agents are authorized by the government and have got rights to help the applicant in patenting his product. Those desirous of obtaining patent are required to make their invention public. While doing so the applicant constantly takes advice of the patent agent.

These patent agents provide all kinds’ legal advice and other related advice to the applicant. These agents have to first register themselves at the patent office; the procedure for registration may very from country to country. Whenever in problem, the applicant or even those who have been awarded patent can seek the help of patent agent.

Patents have also been the cause of major disputes. If the dispute is confined to a national boundary then the respective country’s patent office can intervene and take steps to protect the rights of the inventor. But when the disputer crosses the national boundaries then matter becomes too difficult to handle.

Understanding the complexities if international disputes, countries are making concerted efforts bring all patent laws under a single jurisdiction such as bringing it under the ambit of World Trade Organization.

Paris Convention for the Protection of Industrial Property, European Patent Convention, European Patent Organization, and Patent Cooperation are some of the other international forums which are actively trying to ward off international disputes with regard to patents.

Patent agents are of great help and have helped many to solve complex problems related to patents. However, an individual should verify the credentials of the agents before seeking their help.