Part I – Mindset — Key to Making Next Year Better

Most of us want to live a rich and rewarding life. Most of us want to make a difference in the world. That’s why most of us make a resolve to do better next year. Here is the vital key to making next year better, the key to achieving new goals you never thought possible.

There are 100,000 ambitious men and women out there who are pursuing their dream of economic success but are struggling. Most of them thought they would create a great business that would support them with an excellent lifestyle. Most of them find that they’re working so long and so hard they can’t enjoy any lifestyle.

They have become slaves to their work. They never learned how to master it. They find themselves doing many tasks they do not like and are not good at. They can’t seem to get the knack of delegating things so it gets done. They suffer from reverse delegation. Some of their employees and subordinates intimidate them. They’re working very hard with mediocre employees while the best employees feel neglected and leave. Many executives are isolated and don’t have anybody objective to bounce their ideas off of. They have blind spots that make them vulnerable. They don’t understand their strengths and weaknesses and do not get objective feedback.

The big mistake 87% of entrepreneurs make when trying to solve these problems is to think they need more technical skills, that they have to learn some new techniques. That’s not always the real problem. In almost all cases, the problem is psychological. They do not have the right mindset. And even when some of them realize it’s there attitude, they try to add more knowledge and skills to change their mindset.

This is a lot like putting itching cream on measles spots. It doesn’t do a thing for the real problem.

A business owner may say to himself something like, “I’m afraid of hurting my employees’ feelings and making them feel bad. That’s why I don’t reprimand them when I should. I think I’ll read a book or take a course on how to be a leader. ”

They may learn and even memorize a technique for disciplining employees. But when it comes time to implement it. They don’t do it. They tell themselves, “I’ll give them one more chance.” Until the employee makes the same mistake over and over and then the business owner loses his temper, overreacts and starts shouting at her. The employee is confused by the “overreaction” and thinks the boss is just having a bad day and what she’s doing is okay.

The owner, on the other hand, feels so guilty that he allows her worker to continue making more mistakes. Then the cycle repeats itself.

Many entrepreneurs are working long hard hours. They say they have to work so hard to make their business succeed.

They have the wrong mindset. By working long hard hours, they become stressed, have trouble making decisions, and make mistakes. Working too hard and too long is counterproductive. They think by working long hours they’ll make more money. The opposite is true.

They need to take the time to get the proper rest so they can rejuvenate their mind and body. Then they’ll be more effective and efficient and accomplish more when they are working.

Some business owners don’t take the time to prioritize their activities. As a result, they spend too much time doing things they should not do. This is another reason that working long hard hours will cause you to make less money instead of more money.

They need to change their mindset to attend to the most important things that will make them money now and in the future. They have to discipline themselves to do the hardest and most important things first. They need to avoid the temptation to do a few small easy tasks first because it gives them a feeling of accomplishment. All they are really doing is losing money because the important task is not getting done.

Most performance problems have a psychological basis. You have to have the right mindset in order to perform well. Once you understand this principle, you can start working on a real cure.

When you learn to be a real leader and manage your people with confidence, your life will be easier and your business will be able to prosper. You will be free of putting out fires. Your people will respect you and you will attract better employees.

~Stan Mann