Part 4-Listen to the Whispers-Clear Knowing, Developing Your Intuition Through Your Thinking Channel

Power Affirmation: “I willingly trust the intuitive messages from Spirit received through my thoughtsand imagination.”

Claircognizance – Clear Thoughts, Clear Knowing
Insightful Thoughts, Fresh Ideas, Deja Vu

This article focuses on the intuitive communication channel called claircognizance.
• Are you an inventor?
• Have you ever suddenly known, without a doubt, the answer to a particular question?
• Have you ever visited a new place only to find out that you knew exactly how to get from point A to point B?
• Have you ever suddenly known something about someone without knowing how?
If so, you are likely experiencing intuitive messages through your clear thinking/knowing communication channel of the mind. Of all of the channels, this one can be the most difficult for some to trust. Read on to find out how you can develop clarity and trust in this very powerful communication channel.


As a thought-oriented intuitive your main receptive channel will be through thought and imagination. You may suddenly awaken with a solution to a problem, find yourself daydreaming when a fresh new idea reveals itself, or you may experience a thought that suddenly pops into your head. You may even experience a sense of déjà vu when visiting an unknown place but with the added comfort of knowing where to go because you recognize the streets, buildings and shops. This is the case with a young woman named Danielle who visited an African village, that she had never visited before, to discover that she knew exactly which way to turn to arrive at the hut which would be her home for the next few days.

As we’ve learned, our intuitive messages come through many different channels or combinations of channels including seeing, hearing, feeling, smelling and even tasting. Of all of the channels through which we can receive messages from spirit, this channel can be the most difficult to “prove” or “trust”. Why? When we are receiving a message through our clairsentient channel (feeling) our body creates a physical reaction such as tingling, butterflies in the stomach or goosebumps. When we receive a message through our clairaudient channel (hearing) we hear a sound. But, when a thought magically pops into our head many people will question the validity of the idea. Where did it come from–imagination? Was it created by the TV show you watched the previous night?

However, for those of us who have this channel as their main communication receptor, they have complete faith and trust in the process. They do not question their ideas, but run with them. They do not try to dismiss them, but acknowledge them. Many of these people are the creators and inventors of this world. After all, how can someone develop a radically new concept, such as a motor, without any prior exposure? Many great inventors believe in a higher power that communicates these concepts directly to them for the benefit of others. It is said that in 1877, when Thomas Edison revealed his newest invention—the phonograph—“it was so unexpected by the public at large that it appeared to be almost magical.”*



First, begin by affirming, “I willingly trust the intuitive messages from Spirit received through my thoughts and imagination.” As with any old, negative self talk, it is important to begin reprogramming your thoughts in order to support your willingness to open, strengthen and refine your intuitive channels.


• Cut a piece of paper into 8 equal sized pieces (be sure to choose thicker paper thick that you cannot see through)
• Number each piece in sequence, beginning at one and finishing with eight so that you end up with a mini deck of cards from 1-8.
• Shuffle the cards.
• Focus on the top card, without looking, and wait for a number to pop into your head. Go with the first one.
• Turn over the card. Were you right?
• Place the card back in the deck and shuffle again.
• Focus on the card, turn it over. Were you right this time?

Take a few moments each day to practice this exercise, repeating the steps at least five times. At first you may get only 1 or two correct. But don’t worry. As you work with this ability you will strengthen the “knowing” muscle, allowing it open wider each time. As you become more and more accurate, add more numbers to the deck or try the exercise with a limited number of playing cards.

Enjoy developing this amazing channel.

Keep listening to the whispers!