Parabens. Be Safe Rather Than Sorry

Up to 60 % of whatever we put on our skin goes into our blood stream, like it or not. If you don’t want anything getting into your blood and wreaking havoc on your’s body biochemistry, you should not put it on your skin.

There are many toxic ingredients in the personal care products. A lot of beauty products like creams and lotions, lip balms and makeup contain the highly toxic family of preservatives called parabens.They are seen as any combination of Methyl paraben, ethyl paraben, propyl paraben, butyl paraben, isobutyl paraben.

Extensive research studies on the effects of these parabens show that their biochemical effect on the body is very similar to estrogen, the female hormone.

Excessive amounts of this preservative in the body, research have shown,result in reduced muscle mass, which leads to weight gain, extra fat storage. The parabens have also been linked to breast cancer in research studies.

In order to stay safe, you have to put the effort now into reading labels to protect yourself and your family from potentially deadly cosmetics.

A study, published in 2004 detected parabens in breast tumors. They can act similarly to estrogen. There is the evidence that parabens may disrupt the body’s hormone systems by duplicating the effects of estrogen. FDA will continue to evaluate the new data in this area and determine the real health hazard risks of using parabens in cosmetics.

Start buying paraben-free products. “Natural” and “organic” doesn’t mean paraben- free. More than 90% of all cosmetic products contain one ore more paraben.

Controversial addition of parabens in skincare is of great concern to the creators Of Adorage.Adorage sidesteps this issue by maintaining a paraben –free approach-the brand would rather be safe than sorry.