Palladium – Affordable Jewelry Of The Millennium

Palladium is a rare silver-white ductile malleable chemical element, which is one of the platinum elements. Palladium has unusual property of absorbing hydrogen thus forming Pd2H though it’s not yet clear whether this combination produces a true compound or not. Palladium is the new jewelry metal in fashion and it offers customers a host of benefits that are less expensive to acquire than platinum and hypoallergenic, unlike white gold. Many jewelers and stores are now cashing on this new metal.

Palladium has revolutionized the jewelry market with its steel white appearance that makes it an attractive alternative to platinum and white gold. However, previously palladium was not used to create jewelry due to its casting difficulty, but with the introduction of a castable palladium alloy, it is now ideal for jewelry making.

Research suggests that in the next few years, people will indulge more in palladium jewelry and it could turn out to be the next revolution in jewelry designing. Palladium group shares many of the same attributes similar to platinum like high purity, good luster and a beautiful white appearance.

What’s the difference between platinum and palladium?

Platinum’s beauty comes from the white appearance and its purity. Jewelry cast using gold is usually soft and subject to damage, which then threatens the durability and luster. To combat all this, gold is usually mixed with copper or silver to toughen it. Palladium is very attractive and it attracts the consumers in the same way as platinum because of its purity that is not fabricated by man.

Palladium is much lighter; more than 40% over platinum and it is a hit with the jewelers, as weight is always a consideration while making earrings or necklaces. Heavy metals when used to make intricate designs make the jewelry very heavy and then stretch the ear lobes or give the wearer an uncomfortable feeling. Palladium is easy to use when setting larger stones because it is less dense and the piece doesn’t feel heavy.

The biggest benefit of Palladium is its cost. Often consumers seek something in white metal that is affordable and then they later settle down wearing white gold or sterling silver, as platinum is very costly and beyond common man’s budget. Palladium is less expensive as compared to gold and silver, a trend that continues.

Palladium verses white gold

People are generally confused as to why palladium is more accepted than gold. Unfortunately, white gold is manufactured using alloys that contain nickel and this induces allergy in many people. Palladium is highly hypo allergic and safe without any concern.

Palladium is comparatively harder than white gold, hence, more durable and less likely to be damaged. Durability is an issue when it comes to mounting, while making gem sets where the stones could fall. Often jewelers’ use hard metals for ring settings, to combat falling of the stones, but palladium solves all these issues as the same jewelry design can be made in palladium without any difficulty.


‘950’ palladium has gained popularity and is welcomed by jewelry manufacturers as well as designers. Many stores are set to educate consumers about its benefits. Palladium has found a market due to its affordable price and platinum like characteristics.