Pakistan’s Youth

Evening has just set in. People were preparing to sum up their daily routine and preparing to set off for their homes. But in biggest institution of Abbottabad, there was different situation building up. Every body in Ayub Medical Complex was rushing towards the emergency of hospital. One of the teachers of Ayub Medical College was shot. With going in detail of conflict, it is important to know that an unrest start developing among students. All students passed through the chain of events of sorrow, irritation and revenge. They lost their temper, burst into sequential of violence. And finally, not only the citizen of hazara but the whole segments of Pakistan including civil society, politician, media and different forms of establishment witnessed and experienced the bitterness of student reaction. Most of us still remember the sequence of scenes portrayed and displayed and have an unpleasant taste in our minds.

It is not a point of arguing on the legitimacy of students, what is expectation from respondents, that they will feel the strength of unity, vitality of student power and impact of awareness. Today’s student is ambassador of revolution. He has intellectual mind, decisive will and strength full muscles that can change the course and fate of events. What is needed is proper awareness and channalising the flow of information in precise and accurate direction.

Before jumping to role of students in current country’s socio-political status, expressing a view in relation to misnomer of ‘Student Politics’. Being 20% of Pakistan population, youth does keep sentiments and perception concerning to his homeland. According universally accepted right of expression and organization, nobody has lawful legitimacy to put bars on these rights. This vibrant segment of nation should have opportunity to put their share in society efforts. As age limit for voter is also reduced to 18 years, nobody can stop them from any lawful expression activities.

In depth there is some hidden scheme and goals of different forms of establishments of country who want to prevent student to become vocalist both inside and outside the institutions regarding socio-political situation of homeland. They admit and have experienced the strength of students and driving force they have to change the end result of whole game plan crafted by them over period of several years. So, they abstain them from them from their basic rights in name of so called ‘Student Politics’, ‘student’s wings of political parties’, ‘danger to institution’s peaceful environment’ etc. There is some reality in derailing of minority of students but accusing and punishing whole student community for crime of few puppets can’t be justified morally, ethically and legally. Revolutionary changes are acceptable for mode and dimension of expression but to call off this basic right from denovo is unacceptable and challengeable.

Coming to fate defining moments of Pakistan, unrest and quest for struggle among students is felt and acknowledged by various segments of society. This surge can be ultimate turning point. Who knows, that this awakening struggle for true democracy, independent judiciary and reinstatement of constitution turn table over odds.

Its wakeup call for us especially for youth, a green signal for adrenaline rush, an ignition charge for screeching take off. Country’s current traumatized condition needs fresh blood, bubbling with enthusiasm and passion. The asking role is of Iqbal’s Shaheen.

Core demand of issue is a sensible approach and lawful manner of struggle and protest. It’s not time to sit back and pass on lounge comments. What ever way and mean in hand should be customized according to needy conditions. Struggle can be manipulated in different ways. Protest can be of unique forms. Its test of our creative skill and exploring abilities. The conventional forms need modifications and old fashioned ways have to replaced with new looks. To impress, convince and ensure support of general public needs new trends of appealing trends. We have to avoid element of violence as it add impurities in crystal clear sentiments. Hence, our role starts first from self education including our self, family, friends on current issues and then conveying this understanding to other student communities. Preparing plate form and building confidence of civil society for struggle of revolution, which is destiny of not only our home land but for whole world.

Lastly, salute to the segments of society like media both print and electronic, lawyers and judges and human right activists for their bravery and courage for sustaining their struggle like lighting up a candle in deep dark storm of opposition. Go ahead, you will not be alone in this courageous movement as you will always find students on your side.