Painting Business – How To Get The Fastest Start To Profits

Does it cost a lot of money to get a fast start in the painting business? In all truthfulness, it will cost you a fortune if you go about it wrong. Going into any new business without knowing what you are doing is scary. I know from experience. I did it the hard way and it was a bit rough at times.

I did O.K. stating out. I actually started my painting business with just a handful of tools from my basement. I had a step ladder and I borrowed an extension ladder for a while when I needed it. I used the trunk of my car until I could afford to get a van. No one seemed to care, so that was cool.

One small glass shop owner owner told me, “Buy tools as you need them or as the jobs come in.” That was good advice. Each job may require a new special painting tool – so I would just buy it with my down payment when new work came in.

Where I really lacked was not knowing how to effectively estimate new paint jobs. This can cost you a bundle if you consider the amount of money you could have made vs all the lost labor spent from under-bidding. There is nothing more pathetic than seeing new painters giving away their work and eating up hours of low or no pay. It happens all too often. Especially with exterior work.

Plus, there is nothing worse than making good money and then suddenly having business dry up on you. Especially around the Holidays. Having consistent work lined up keeps you profitable. It also adds to your estimating confidence. So knowing how to advertise your new business effectively is also as important.

So if you really want to know the least expensive route to go for starting a new painting business or any service-type business, it is to get educated in the art of effective advertising and estimating. This way you can make a nice income right from the start and keep your business running smoothly and on a consistent basis.

Ideally this is the first painting tool you need to buy. Business start-up information from a good source. The right tools speed up any job. As a matter of fact, I have never invested in a single painting tool yet that didn’t make me more money. So don’t be afraid of spending a little money on your painting business. Most of the tools are not that expensive anyway. Your work vehicle will cost you the most.

Just as having the right painting tools will help you turn your jobs faster, having the right business knowledge will help you make better and bigger money faster. And you will be making it on a more consistent basis. Not just busy this week and slow the next. Instead, we are talking about having jobs booked up for as much as 6 months in advance. And you can still take a day off here and there if you want to.

Getting a good manual written by a professional painter is the first tool I highly recommend that you should invest in. It only makes sense (and dollars). If it highlights on estimating and advertising secrets it is a tremendous shortcut to profits. This type of painting tool will definitely put your painting business on steroids.

It is a wise investment in your painting business that I promise you won’t regret. It will pay for itself over and over again. My first few years as a painter were rough but you don’t have to go through that same amateur learning process.

Give yourself a fast start to profits today. Your customers be impressed with your expert service. Your friends and family will be amazed at your success also. Especially your wife. And as the old saying goes, a happy wife is a happy life!