Paintball Guns Under $150

If you are looking to make that initial investment for your favorite sport, namely a paintball gun, options will include several under $150, even some good models under $100. Don’t get burned buying junk gun. If you plan to get your gun used, be sure to do your research. Know what you are buying and know how the gun was used by its prior owner.

If you are looking to buy your gun new, here are a few options under $100. First, the –Kingman Spyder TL-X is a reasonably accurate shot, is easy to use and clean. It has smooth trigger pull, accuracy, efficient gas use and is reliable.

Second is the Kingman Spyder Sonix 2005. The Sonix is a reliable, reasonably priced gun that does not chop. This gun can be good without adding upgrades, but with some upgrades, this gun can be made into a great gun.

Third, the Viewloader VL Maxis is a reasonably priced gun. This gun shoots very well and does not chop. The Maxis is a great gun for beginners but can be upgraded into a superior weapon.

Fourth is the Kingman Spyder Victor II. The Victor II is reliable in the field, is easy to clean and is a decent shot. It is also dependable and comfortable. However, the stock barrel is short and not extremely accurate. After replacing the stock barrel, the Victor II can stand up to its opponents.

If you are willing to spend a little more money on your gun, there are some good options under $150. First is the Tippmann Triumph XT. It is has rubberized grips, an expansion chamber and is very balanced. It is lighter than the other Tippmanns and has the same internals as the Custom 98. But, it has plastic construction and a complicated disassembly.

Second, the Armotech Mars LT is a lightweight, good gun for beginners. The Mars LT does not require any upgrades. It is easy to clean and maintain. But, if you are going up against a high end mechanical or electronic gun, the Mars LT will have some stiff competition.

Third is the Avalon GT Commando 3. The Commando 3 looks sharp, shoots accurately, reasonably priced and is built well. The regulator on this model can be temperamental. It can also leak CO2 and requires new o-rings often.

Fourth, the Mokal Fokus VX 2k3 is balanced, has a good barrel, good internals and good grips. It is also easy to maintain and clean. It may be a little hard on the CO2 and require o-ring replacement. But overall, a good buy.

The above list is just a short review of a selected number of markers. The markers above were chosen only for their price and not for any certain feature or to play favorites with any company. If you have more specific questions regarding the model you may be interested in, be sure to do your homework, try them out, borrow a friend’s marker and ask your fellow players.