Paintball Gun

Choosing the Right Paintball Gun

Whether you are a beginner in the game or if you just want to improve your paintball skill, choosing the right paintball gun is essential. A surgeon is only as good as his scalpel, after all. You need the right tools in order for you to translate every thought on the field into the action required for you to achieve supremacy. Here are a few tips to help you in selecting the best paintball gun for you:

1) Check out the construction – Paintball guns take a lot of abuse in the field. This means you should not settle for something that has low quality construction. Although plastic paintball guns can be cheap, they can also be cheaply made. There are a few paintball guns which are made of strong plastic polymers, but it’s generally better if you buy metal paintball guns.

Buying metal paintball guns is not a guarantee that you will buy something high quality, however. What you should do is check out each part by yourself. Any rattling or even slight movements in what are supposed to be solid parts ought to warn you to stay away from a product. The paintball gun you buy should not just look good today; it should be functioning well after a lot of uses.

2) The action – there are three basic types of paintball guns according to their action. There’s pump-action, semi-automatic, and hybrid. The type of action that a paintball gun has determines how much work you need to do to fire it. In turn, this affects just how fast you will be able to shoot an opponent in your sight. This also determines just how affordable a paintball gun is. Choose wisely as all types have their benefits and disadvantages.

3) The performance – of course, you have to consider how the paintball gun performs in terms of accuracy, rate of fire, and range. Accuracy and range need no explanations. However, not many people know what exactly “rate of fire” means in terms of paintball guns. Rate of fire pertains to how fast your paintball gun spits out ammo. As you may realize, marking the foe with one hit is quite hard if he or she is moving around. With a faster rate of fire, you will be able to guarantee your hit. However, a faster rate of fire also means you will run out of ammo faster.

4) Feeling – not many people know that the key to performing well with a paintball gun is to get used to the feel of the weapon. Although technologically advanced models may seem to be better, they are useless if you feel awkward shooting with them. Before you actually use or even purchase a paintball gun, try to see how it fits in your hands. Try to move around a little bit and see if it affects your posture too much. This is because awkward movement often equals to noise in the field and noise equals elimination.

5) Ammo – you need to check the ammo capacity of your paintball gun. In doing so, keep the ammo capacity of your reload containers. This is because you want to keep in mind that your paintballs will make noise if given much room. The best way to prevent this would be to buy a paintball gun which loads little ammo. Another way would be to provide it with something which will muffle the sounds.