Paintball Defensive Tactics

Offense is always important in Paintball. But playing defense is just as important. If you have a weak defensive strategy, a good team or player will expose it. Having a solid foundation in basic defense will improve your game instantly.

Instead of taking a long glance around the field to spot an opponent or search for a flag, take very quick peeks. Taking more than one is an option. But, remember not to peek from the same exact spot twice. If your opponent spotted you during your first peek, you can bet that they will be ready for you the next time. It’s better technique to peer around an obstacle rather than over it. You can duck back quicker and you are not so much of an easy target to spot.

Always keep your profile as small as possible. Keep your elbows and legs tucked close. The larger your profile, the easier target you are to hit. Stay low to the ground because it will be harder to see you.

Now this may seem like a no-brainer, but if you are being shot at and cannot get a good shot, drop back. Once you have dropped back a bit, you may be able to get a better angle on your opponent. Do not be afraid to move. Movement gives you different, possibly better angles. Playing as a squad will benefit your team. If you hear one of your teammates being surrounded by fire, move and give them cover.

Finding cover is a critical defensive strategy. Whether it is cover for you or cover for your team member, it is always important. If you or your team member needs to move, cover for each other. And, if you are being peppered with enemy fire, your fellow team member may be able to take out the shooter, maybe even more than one.

The most important defense tactic is concealment. Why? Concealment gives you the opportunity to surprise your opponent. Nothing in this game is better than having the element of surprise on your side. Be hidden well and be patient. If you are hidden near your flag, you will be in the perfect position to defend your flag. Just sit and wait for the perfect opportunity to strike and defend your flag.

Finally, a critical key in defense is to spread out your team. Don’t huddle up in the same area. Spread out in several directions. But, keep at least one of your team members in your sights. You might one another for cover.

If you want to get more victories, defense is a critical element to surviving and winning a few more games, and therefore helping your team achieve more wins. Study the strategies above and you’ll see results.