Concerned about pre-teen supervision?

Are you concerned about whether your pre-teen will need much supervision? As surprising at it may sound, most pre-teens and early adolescents behave in a responsible manner. They want to show you that they have an understanding of the rules and the common knowledge of right and wrong. On the other hand, we all know that they can also act irresponsibly. And for that reason they do need constant supervision still.

Child Imaginary Friends

Does your child have an imaginary friend? Are you concerned that this may be unhealthy? Parents tend to worry a bit about their child when one day they come to us and talk about their “imaginary friend”.

Getting a Child’s Homework Done

Having homework challenges? Does your child’s homework cause both you and your kid stress every time it must be done? Is your child battling you when you try to get him do his homework?

Planning a Better Future

Most of us wish to plan a better future for ourselves, yet find it difficult to determine how. What are some steps towards planning this?

Listening Below the Surface

Most people listen selectively. There’s really nothing wrong with that. We can’t listen to everything. In each situation, we need to determine how, what, how much, and where to listen. We can listen and learn anyplace. Life takes place in little vignettes.

Attention Seeking Child

Do you have an attention seeking child? Do you find yourself being asked non-stop by your child to check out every move they make? Even in the car, kids will ask Mommy and Daddy to turn around to look at something that they are drawing, or at something passing by, or a funny face he is making, etc.

Learning The Power of Intention

Intention is the basis for all action. Here is an incident that helped to form my interest in helping others to be aware of intention.

Guidelines for Energetic Meetings

Everyone has a unique perspective of what constitutes an “energetic meeting.” Some may believe that an energetic meeting must be lively and fast-paced; others may believe that a meeting is energetic when they leave feeling energized and uplifted.

Fire Free Bird

recounts a true story about a bird who flew into my fireplace to teach a powerful lesson.