One Thought at a Time

is a short poem about a simple approach for experiencing greater happiness as a result of intentional positive thought choices.

Focus of Our Attention

helps us to clarify where we desire to put our attention — our energy — which is a creative force. Our attention is so powerful that it creates our life experiences — where is your attention?

Finding the Rhythm in Your Breath

This article explains the value of focusing on your breath, and especially on the rhythm of your breath. This practice is equivalent to a very brief meditation.

How Leaders Solve Problems

Are you a leader or a follower? When faced with a difficult problem, how do you react? How you face problems is one of the critical factors that helps determine how successful you will be in life. Its also one of the key qualities of a leader! Leaders solve problems- followers go to leaders to get their problems solved.

Asking Empowering Questions

assists you to ask — yourself and others — questions that uplift and enhance life. This popular article includes a list of empowering questions that you can apply to a wide variety of real-life situations.

Finding The Best Campsite In France

With literally thousands of campsites in France, it would be a good question to ask where the best place to pitch a tent and enjoy the great outdoors. However, despite the intimidating numbers finding the best campsite in France is not actually that difficult. All you need is to look for reviews of …