Empowerment in an Unexpected Field

Referring to the popular film, “Field of Dreams,” this article focuses on trusting the inner guidance process. Sometimes we do not know the whole picture until we are willing to commit to the journey.

Best Case Scenario

Of course, the phrase “Best Case Scenario” is the positive opposite of the popular phrase “Worst Case Scenario.”

Dichotomy of Preference

This is a wonderful world of duality. The physical world as we know it could not exist and grow, nor could our consciousness expand, without duality. I think this is extraordinary.

Faith, Yes, But in What?

In most conversations about faith, we generally mean that “everything will work out for the good.” As we give our attention to the various aspects of our life, we have the opportunity to consider in what we put our faith.

Feeling the Positive Opposite

This is an empowering practice: to identify a not-good feeling and then identify its positive opposite. The positive opposite feeling is a place to move when feeling a not-wanted feeling.

One Thought at a Time

is a short poem about a simple approach for experiencing greater happiness as a result of intentional positive thought choices.

Focus of Our Attention

helps us to clarify where we desire to put our attention — our energy — which is a creative force. Our attention is so powerful that it creates our life experiences — where is your attention?

Finding the Rhythm in Your Breath

This article explains the value of focusing on your breath, and especially on the rhythm of your breath. This practice is equivalent to a very brief meditation.