Fire Free Bird

recounts a true story about a bird who flew into my fireplace to teach a powerful lesson.

Fighting Fires at Work

uses the familiar metaphor of managers, consultants, and others who fight fires (or solve problems) in the workplace.

Ending Poverty Consciousness

distinguishes between poverty and poverty consciousness and gives you practical suggestions for ending these limitations.

Diversity Means They Will Be Different

Diversity encases many more attributes than gender and skin tone, and a celebration and/or honoring of those differences. Many attributes are used to sort people out, to place them in categories, often with ideas of better or lesser.

Corporate Career Development Networking

It’s common for people to want to have a “career development plan.” Many think that those successful individuals who have preceded them in the corporation had a plan to get where they got. Some did, but quite honestly, it’s easier claim that they had a plan with the benefit of hindsight and success than to produce the plan they had years before.

Empowerment in an Unexpected Field

Referring to the popular film, “Field of Dreams,” this article focuses on trusting the inner guidance process. Sometimes we do not know the whole picture until we are willing to commit to the journey.

Best Case Scenario

Of course, the phrase “Best Case Scenario” is the positive opposite of the popular phrase “Worst Case Scenario.”

Dichotomy of Preference

This is a wonderful world of duality. The physical world as we know it could not exist and grow, nor could our consciousness expand, without duality. I think this is extraordinary.