Packing List For Your Winter Lake Tahoe Vacation

A packing list for your winter Lake Tahoe vacation would be the best solution for you if you are planning to have a winter getaway of skiing or snowboarding activity at Lake Tahoe.

Skiing and snowboarding enthusiasts know what to bring along, but for first time snow sporting fans, here is a checklist of what to bring along.

This checklist will also be useful for anyone, especially on basic items one needs to bring along regardless of whether you are out for a snow sporting getaway, or simply enjoying the Lake Tahoe outdoors during winter.

For skiers and snowboarders, of course, you need to tag along your Alpine and Nordic Skis, Boots and Poles, as well as snowboards and boots, helmets, ice skates and snowshoes.

For clothing and footwear, one should need to bring along a waterproof jacket or parka, waterproof pants or shells (to wear over a warm base layer), breathable under layers (long underwear, non-cotton fabrics to prevent from absorbing melted snow subjected to body heat), fleece, sweaters, turtlenecks, gloves/mittens, neck gaiter, hat or helmet, ski or snowboard socks, goggles and sunglasses.

Be sure to pack extra layers of clothing to accommodate for the mountain climate, since the weather can change quickly.

For those who may not want to lug along bulky equipment, a lot of rental shops offer offers ski and snowboard rentals, overnight equipment storage, and season-long
lockers for those who don’t want to worry about transporting their gear to and from the mountain.

For your basic winter needs after skiing or riding the snow, you may need to have with you long pants, sweaters, warm jacket, casual shoes, warm socks, snow boots, warm base layer undergarments, scarf, warm sleepwear, accessories and casual wear

Here are other key items you may need to have handy with you like sunscreen, lip balm, aloe cream, sunglasses, eye glasses or contact lenses, camera and film or digital camera and batteries, medical insurance cards, credit cards, cash or travelers checks, ID or Driver’s License, travel alarm, prescriptions or medications, itineraries and confirmations, maps and directions, bathing suit, baby’s needs, diapers, swim diapers, adress book, story books for bedtime, games for the ride, toothbrush/toothpaste, cosmetics, spare car key and ski tickets or passes.

Here’s a helpful tip, pack ski tickets or passes with ski or snowboard boots so they won’t be forgotten.

Other handy things that would be nice to have along would be a CD or MP3 player, CDs, headphones and batteries, DVD’s, guidebooks and brochures and pillows for the ride.

Finally, before leaving home for the vacation, make sure that you leave a trip itinerary, contact info, spare house and car key with your neighbor or a relative, arrange for your mail and newspapers to be picked up, turn off gas lights and water, lock all windows and doors, arrange for pet care and water the plants.

And if you are traveling with children you should allow for extra travel time and be flexible – plan to make frequent stops, bring water and snacks, bring along wipes or a towel handy in car for messes and spills, ensure that car seat is properly installed, bring toys and games to keep children occupied during the long trip and show your child photographs of your destination to get your child excited about your vacation.

So take note of this packing list for your winter LakeTahoe vacation, you will definitely need it.