Oxygenate your emphysema

Emphysema can make you lose track of your life as you end up thinking about one thing and one thing only – breathing. Shortness of breath is one of the main symptoms of emphysema but one that can be controlled by a combined emphysema treatment including medications and mental awareness. Breathing right and breathing for good will keep your healthier for longer. In this article, as a mental exercise, we want to you to change focus – from the exertion your body has to struggle with to breathe, to the positive element your lungs need to keep functioning – oxygen.

Breathe right

By breathing right we mean breathing the right things. Of course, as all the doctors have told you, smoking is a no-no. Kick the smoking habit, and then avoid second-hand smoke and other respiratory irritants. You may have noticed that emphysema symptoms are aggravated by some very common household products. These have been known to include fumes from paint and automobile exhaust, some cooking odors, certain perfumes, even burning candles and incense. Change furnace and air conditioner filters regularly to limit pollutants. Breathe right by avoiding dry and cold air too. If you have emphysema your lungs are highly sensitive to weather-related irritants. Keep the humidity level in your home at high. When the weather outside is particularly cold remember to wear a scarf or mask over your mouth and nose to warm the air thatÂ’s entering your lungs. For the same reason, breathe through your nose. For the treatment of emphysema, cold air is negative factor need to particularly paid attention due to it can cause spasms of the bronchial passage.

Eat right

Optimalize your oxygen intake by eating well too. Being overweight requires more oxygen and can interfere with breathing. And eating the right things can reduce another of the symptoms of emphysema: malnourishment. It appears in the treatment of emphysema that many emphysema patients lack important nutrients, despite eating regularly. Researchers have found that eating too many carbohydrates requires oxygen too as it increases carbon dioxide production, leading to reduced exercise tolerance and increased breathlessness in people. On the other hand, if the carbohydrates you are eating are mainly in the form of fruit, the sugar you absorb actually improves lung condition. Consider eliminating most sources of refined sugars, but not fruits, from your diet. Another symptom of emphysema is mucus that tends to collect in your air passages and can become difficult to clear. To keep mucus thin, drink plenty of fluids every day. Drinking well means keeping off the spirits though!

Take anti-oxidants

Optimalize your oxygen intake by taking anti-oxidants on a regular basis. Antioxidants in general are hypothesized to be important in the treatment of emphysema for neutralizing the large amounts of free radicals associated with emphysema. People who have higher amounts of anti-oxidants in their diets appeared to have lower risk of developing emphysema in the first place, and therefore there is a good chance that nutritional supplements of anti-oxidants will have a positive effect on oxygen intake in people with the disease.

Breathe for good

Taking breathing exercise regularly is a good way in the treatment of emphysema- making the most of the oxygen you are getting to boost your oxygen-intake capacities. Try not to let your breathing problems keep you from getting regular exercise, which can significantly increase your capacity for physical activity. Simple breathing techniques also can help.