Overseas Property Investment is a Truly Global Business

Investors are travelling further a field to make their overseas property investment. There is constant research as to where the next new property investment hotspot will be. No longer do investors stick to certain traditional areas, people are becoming more adventurous and are willing to take greater risks for a better return.

Certain overseas property markets have really captured the imagination of investors. A good example of this is Bulgaria. A few years ago with properties available that were incredibly cheap, investors started to pick up bargains. The press became interested and investing in Bulgaria became the place to invest. Bulgaria is still popular but people are still on the look out for new markets.

A country that has always proved popular to make an overseas property investment is Spain. This is a market that will remain popular despite price growth slowing. People will always be looking for a holiday home in the sun or looking to retire abroad. Investors are however looking for the next Spain and there seems to be no limits to where they will go to find the next hospot.

The property market in Poland is one that is becoming increasingly popular. Investors are flocking to the country as it is providing superb growth. Poland has become more well known in the UK due to the amount of immigrants looking for work. Overseas property investment in Poland has become very popular with investors buying all types of property and land, looking to capitalize on price rises.

There are many smaller cities in Poland where property prices are rising rapidly. The older markets of Krakow and Warsaw have not been as popular and these new cities are rising rapdly in popularity and price. People have been looking to make an overseas property investment in cities such as Poznan, Lodz, Gdansk, Wroclaw and other smaller cities. There is high demand from locals for these properties too.

The Polish economy is growing, the country has seen much foreign investment in recent years, unemployment is falling and people’s income is rising. Property in Poland is in the midst of a boom and investors are making fantastic returns. Some investors report 100% returns in short spaces of time. Making an investment in overseas property could be lucrative in Poland.