Overcoming Overwhelm

Did you know… overwhelm is the number one drain on productivity in organizations? At Inspired Mastery, we have each fallen into the delusional thinking that says, “If I just do more, I will get it all done and I won’t be overwhelmed.” And yet, we’ve found that this is nothing more than a trap. Much of what really helps us to rise out of overwhelm is counter-intuitive.

Three Ways to Rise Above Overwhelm

1. Take more time off.

Really. We told you it was counter-intuitive! But try the experiment and see how it works for you. It can be a day, a week, or a portion of an hour for a walk outside. Our experience is that when we take on the sometimes-difficult practice of taking time off, we are refreshed, energized, and more open to the resources that were there all along

2. Stop for a breather.

Literally. Set an alarm on your watch, your cell phone, or your PDA. It might be every hour, every couple of hours, or a couple of times a day. When the alarm goes off, just watch your breath for 3 full breaths. Then give yourself another 60 seconds or so to reflect on what you’re grateful for in the last time period and how you want to be in the next time period. Relaxed? On fire? Inspired? Inspiring? Breathe another three full breaths and return from your mini-vacation in a more resourceful state.

3. Change your mindset.

Yes. The way to lasting change is to little by little change your mindset. From what to what? From the idea that there is not enough time to the idea that there is no shortage of time. Our clients know that when they focus on the shortage of time, that’s all they see. And when they focus on the abundance of time, that’s what they see! Again, why not try the experiment? It doesn’t take any more time!