Overcoming Fear Of Public Speaking

The Keys to Overcoming the Fear of Public Speaking

Why is there the existence of the fear of public speaking? What contributes to the development of the fear of public speaking? It is not to be doubted that there are actually people who suffer from the fear of public speaking and they find it hard to overcome such condition. Studies show how people rank their fear of public speaking the top one in their lists or if not, one which is really close to being their top choice. For them, public speaking brings about tons of stress. The main reason behind it is none other than their fear of getting embarrassed.

Certainly, nobody would like to create a fool of himself especially if it will be done in front of many people. It is as good as committing suicide, so to speak. Basically, one regards the reputation he creates especially when there are witnesses such as his friends, family, employers, clients, and many others.

Emotional stress is brought about by different levels of embarrassment from which a person suffers from. Traumatic experiences rooted in the past are always enlivened the moment another opportunity for public speaking comes along. Most of the times, the affected individuals find it severely hard to overcome their fear of public speaking.

What are the basest roots of the fear of public speaking?

As a child, one may have totally lived in an environment wherein the parents have raised high expectations and he may have been oftentimes embarrassed by the grandparents, parents, and other family members. His classmates may have teased him because he missed the lines of his part in a play or he may have stammered all throughout the recital. There are several roots of the fear of public speaking and these are mainly associated with traumatic levels which are already embedded deep down the person’s psyche.

What possible consequences are brought about by this fear of public speaking?

Living in fear is utterly uncomfortable. There is always the thought that one may not be really good enough. Due to this, self-pity arises. There is a certain mechanism that works within oneself like a voice telling him that he is no good and that he is boring. The side effects of which pave way to inferiority complex, shyness, withdrawal from the rest of the people surrounding him, and the belief that he is incapable of facing people and reaping a good result.

Keys to Overcoming Fear of Public Speaking

Always speak on something which you are an authority of. Overcoming fear of public speaking will be very well attended to if your topic will be on something which you’ve had a first-hand experience of. Speaking about something which you have mastered will give you the confidence that you are indeed capable of imparting such message to everyone else. There is pride in you when the topic is on something that is very familiar to you.

Do some storytelling. You will be more at ease if you relate things about your life and work experiences. With this procedure, you are somewhat creating a homey and intimate interaction which relaxes you. You may associate your stories with fictional accounts that are familiar with your audience.

Determine the clear purpose of your speech. Before you write down your speech, first determine the purpose as to why you are there to stand before a crowd. Being guided by your purpose, you will be able to thoroughly develop your speech.

The fear of public speaking cannot be ended if the concerned person will be a coward to face it. Overcoming the fear of public speaking may not be taken at an abrupt way but little by little if the proper steps are followed, the condition will be given a solution.

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