Overcome Obstacles and Succeed

Every person faces hurdles and obstacles. It’s just a part of life. What stops us is that we often give up in the face of life’s challenges.

Success always involves coming across obstacles and working out how to overcome them.

There are many obstacles to achieving our dreams and wonderful lifestyles.
Some people:
• just don’t know how or where to start;
• chase money instead of their passions;
• don’t go after what they most love doing;
• forget their calling;
• dreams get buried by the busyness of life;
• settle for second best;
• just follow the crowd, and react to life;
• just waste their most precious resource – time;
• just don’t know how to plan and set goals to achieve their dreams;
• expect life to be easy and therefore give up when they meet a challenge;
• lack the energy to keep smashing through obstacles;
• make the wrong decisions and pile up self-made obstacles in front of them;
• let their fears or limiting beliefs or mental barriers determine their outcomes.

There are many ways in which the challenges of life try to stop us living in excitement, freedom, abundance and joy. This article is all about showing you how and where to start:

• to identify and develop your gifts and abilities;
• to find and thrive in what you love doing;
• to hold on to your calling;
• to stay focused on achieving your dreams;
• to ensure you never settle for second best;
• to be proactive and take control of your life;
• to preserve and nurture your most precious resource – time;
• to plan and set goals and achieve your Perfect Lifestyle;
• to meet and beat the challenges of life;
• to find and grow the energy you need;
• to make the right decisions to make your journey easier;
• to eradicate fears, limiting beliefs and mental barriers that are holding you back.

YOU can achieve your dreams and your aspirations. There are no insurmountable obstacles. There are thousands of people who had bigger challenges than you and I, but who achieved in wonderful ways and lived incredible lives.

Here are Three Tips to get you started:

Tip #1 Look Ahead

Take your eyes off the obstacles and instead look up and ahead. Visualize the Lifestyle of your dreams and get energy, enthusiasm and motivation from where you are heading, not from what is going on right now.

Tip #2 Bite Sized

There is an old Indian proverb: “How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.”
Take each obstacle and deal with it in single bite-sized piece at a time. In time it is you who will prevail.

Tip #3 Look Back and Celebrate

Sometimes it is very beneficial to look back and see how far you have come. Celebrate where you are now compared to where you were five years ago. Look back at previous obstacles you have conquered. Remember your past victories and allow them to give you power to smash through the next obstacle.

Oli Hille