Overcome Fear Of Public Speaking

Overcome Your Fear of Public Speaking: 5 Easy Steps

It is a fact that most people have fear in public speaking. These people are even more afraid of facing to a large number of viewers than death. Weird, isn’t it? A lot of people would really prefer to die than to render a speech. But what people don’t know is that, whatever the type of fear you have, there’s always a way to overcome it.

There are actually 5 simple steps to help you overcome your fear of making a speech.

1. Be ready with your speech, presentations, and visual aids. Have them in advance so you can still have time to rehearse.

The speech is considered the grand finale in public speaking. What’s really hard is the preparation of speech and visual aids. For you to be able to prepare your speech, the things you need to consider are: the type and number of audience, the topic of the program, and the venue.

Popular and skilled athletes don’t just head out and suit to face the opponents without doing any preparation. They undergo trainings. They practice a lot and strategize. They are prepared in every scenario that might take place in the game.

You also need to do that in preparing for your speech. Consider the day you will have the speech, you game day. Keep in that the more you are prepared, the lesser chance of having mistakes. This alone would help you feel comfortable and more relaxed.

2. Have an outline.

Always have an outline or key points that you will follow all through your speech. Never write the whole copy of your speech, and then read it as is, or memorize it.

Bullet points or speaking points are said to be memory prompts and this will guide you a smooth sailing transition, from one key point to another. This will make your speech flow naturally.

3. Rehearse your speech

Once you have done with your speech, you can now practice reading it. Do this in front a mirror and imagine as if you are in front of a big crowd. Check your posture and make sure that you clearly deliver the words. Reading your speech loud will also help to edit and improve you verbal skills. As much as possible, practice your piece more often until you get it perfectly.

4. Do not fear the audience
Your performance is always for the audience. They also expect that they’ll see a great performance. They are like your family and friends that wishes you to be successful in your own piece. So, imagine your audience as a mass of friends and not strangers.

5. Be confident and Relax yourself

When it’s your time to speak, relax and take a deep breath, let go of the unnecessary feelings. Just stay positive and be in good feeling. When you get to the stage, pause for a while before you start your speech. Taking a short pause is technique that will help you calm down, and also catch the attention of the audience.

Remember that you’re the only one who can control your audience. Even if they are in a large number, they can never control you. You are confident because you practiced a lot and ready to deliver the speech. Just go on with your speech, until it’s over.

As you get used to public speaking, it will be a lot easier for you in your succeeding speech. Good luck.

Source: https://positivearticles.com