Overcome Challanges in 4 Simple Steps

The inevitable dilemma that most people avoid is facing and overcoming problems and challenges. However they’re a fact of life, and if you trying to achieve a big goal, the more problems you’ll have.

Instead of running from them or trying to avoid them until they become bigger and sometimes unmanageable, we need to face them head on (easier said than done).

To really face any problem head on, we have to have a strategy to overcome them. Something we can duplicate in almost any area of our lives. A system we can use at anytime, that eventually becomes automatic.

Here is the plan in four steps:

1. Take your mind off the problem.

Focusing on the problem won’t give you any answers, just more anxiety. Besides what are you really looking for? That’s right, the solution. Immediately stop yourself when you find you’re mind worrying about the problem
and ask positive questions that are solution oriented?

At this point, solving the problem is a priority of the subconscious mind.

Take out a pen and paper and write down as many solutions as you can. It doesn’t matter how silly they seem just keep writing. Become a solution making machine. Include people that can or you think that might be able to to help you.

During this time carry around a pen and paper and jot down any ideas that come to you, including the middle of the night.

Now look over this list and put a 1 next to the things you know how to do to tackle the issue, and a 2 next to the things your not sure of and people or info that can help you.

2. Get Help.

Start taking massive action on all the items with a number two next to them.
Do whatever come up. This includes searching the Internet or calling an expert for advice. There’s no better people to ask then ones that have gone down the same path your going through.

Even if your list had nothing with a # 2 next to it and you have figured out exactly what to do, do this anyway. Run your action plan by someone who’s been there. Several people would be best.

This even includes getting positive people to support you and help you take action, and make sure you follow through. If you want to be a success, just copy any successful person, and surround yourself with a team.

No matter what, do not skip this step!!

3. Take action now!

It’s time to stop thinking and talking about it. Take massive action immediately! You don’t have to feel comfortable or even feel ready to take action. You just need to do it!

Make sure your support team knows what actions you plan to take and holds you accountable.

The important thing is that you don’t wait. The fact is, if you don’t take action immediately, your sub conscious mind stops working for you as well as any support team. You are actually repelling help. When this happens it will actually stop working for you and won’t give you any new ideas to help you. So the faster you take action the better!

4. Practice Persistence.

Big problems don’t always get solved easily. If they did then everyone would be solving all sorts of big problems and achieving all types of success, no sweat.

Remember be patient and keep plugging away and you’ll get where you want to be. It may take a while, and there may be plenty of frustration, but remember, you’re not alone. Anyone who has done anything worth while has faced overwhelming odds to get what they want.

So start mastering them now!

Copyright (c) 2007 Ray Miller