Over The Counter Treatment For Ringworm

What do you do when you suddenly notice yourself scratching and itching an area on your body that won’t stop, and then you see a strange red ring beginning to form? It can be a startling experience for sure, but what you have is most likely a case of ringworm.

Ringworm shows up as a red rash about the size of a silver dollar. Basically, it’s a harmless skin condition if treated with common over the counter products for ringworm.

You can catch the fungus that causes ringworm in a variety of ways. Having direct contact with someone who is already infected is one way, as well as loving on your pet who has ringworm. Yes, your pets can easily get ringworm and then pass it on to you as you pet them and love on them.

Ringworm is contagious and easily spread, especially among young children. You should avoid sharing combs, brushes, hats, and other personal hygiene items with someone who is infected with ringworm.

There are several good over the counter treatments for ringworm available. A few of these include:




Miconazole works quite well

Ketoconazole has also shown to be very effective

Head And Shoulders works very well in treating ringworm of the scalp

Selsun Blue is another good scalp ringworm treatment

To relieve the itching, another over the counter treatment for ringworm is a topical corticosteroid. One such product is the hydrocortisone cream.

All of these ringworm medications work extremely well in eliminating the fungus that causes ringworm. With treatment, ringworm should go away within 7 to 10 days and leave you completely healed.

So, if you notice yourself with a red rash that is itching, don’t get to upset. Get yourself one of these over the counter products for ringworm and get rid of it fast.