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Wooden Swing Set Recommendations For The Outdoors

There are many kinds of outdoor swing sets out there, but most people are partial to wooden sets because they look better on the yard and are more polished looking. Metal swing sets are also in demand, but we’re not going to talk about that here.

To the fans of outdoor wooden swing sets, you’re in for a treat. Here are some of the top selected wooden swing sets out there that sell for under $1000. They are perfect for families that are on a budget but still want a swing set of their own.

Under $500

Durango Wooden Gym Play Center & Swing Set

Aside from having two playground style swings, the Durango also has monkey bars, a lookout tower, a glider that can seat two people, a slide and a front ladder that can also serve as a rock climbing wall. Kids will surely have fun with this play set. The enjoyment comes with a hefty price tag, though, at around $800.

Tacoma Wooden Gym Play Center & Swing Set

The Tacoma retails at a very reasonable price of around $300. This is good for families who are working on a budget. It gives your kids the same level of fun and excitement using modest but still very sturdy play sets. It comes with an eight-foot wave slide, monkey bars, a lookout tower, two swings, and ladders that can also transform into a rock climbing wall. Aside from that, it also has a canopied playdeck.

Under $1000

Creative Labs Fairfax Wood Swing Set

At an average price of $550, the the Fairfax set is considered a good buy because of its many features and stable brand. It is equipped with a rope ladder, monkey bars, a rocket rider, a sandbox, a huge swing beam, an acrobatic swing, a belt swing, a slide, and an angled access ladder.

Odyssey Wooden Gym Play & Swing Set

The Odyssey is one of the most complete outdoor swing sets there are in the market today. Its monkey bars can be adjusted to three positions, a one to two-person glider, platform with a tent roof, a rock climbing wall, and a spiral slide. For an added festive effect, it also comes with colorful metal dowels and flags. Your kids will no longer be interested in going out to the park once you have this setup in your yard. It sells for about $800.

You can choose from the many wooden swing sets out there, but these are the most recommended ones. You don’t have to follow the advice of this article entirely. When choosing a swing set, you should consider your child’s safety, the unit’s warranty, and, of course, its accessories.

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