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Planning On Setting Up An Outdoor Swing?

There is something about owning an outdoor swing that gives your house a very warm and homey feel. Whenever we look at pages of design magazines like Home & Garden, we notice that almost every model home featured contains an outdoor swing at its front porch or lawn. Indeed, an outdoor swing fulfills almost every factor that makes a house a Martha Stewart-ish home. And for many homemakers, this is very important.

If you’re reading this article now, it means you are interested in getting an outdoor swing set for your home. Here, we will take a look at the procedures on how to hang an outdoor swing, as well as weight concerns (outdoor swings have weight limits depending on their size).

If you have a large family, getting an outdoor swing that is above the standard five-foot size (the largest in the standard) will be perfect for you. This swing size can easily accommodate two adults and one child. However, if you live alone or have a very small space to install the swing in, then a three-foot or a four-foot swing will do. After all, if you’re after the swing experience, it wouldn’t really matter what size you get.

An outdoor swing in the front porch means you’ll have to bolt its beams to the ceiling. YOu must do this right or else it will come crashing down and injure its load. If you’re inexperienced when it comes to ceiling carpentry, then you should just hire a professional to do it.

If you’re into DIY, then you should remember that when you are setting up your outdoor swing, you should drill through the support beams and put eyebolts to fasten the screws and bolt nuts with. Without them, you will not be able to securely install the outdoor swing and eventually cause injury.

Another tip is to hang the swing around 17 to 18 inches away from the floor, so that anybody who rides it will be able to rock using his or her feet. Allow at least two feet of space at the back of the swing and 18 inches at the sides so you can comfortably rock. Otherwise, your outdoor swing will be just another piece of furniture that doesn’t move.

Finally, make sure that the support beams and the rope you will use the hang the swing is thick enough and sturdily fastened enough to support the weight of two to three people, depending on what type of outdoor swing you got. You want a swing that will grow old with your family, not break its back at the addition of another member.

It is hoped that the above tips will help you in your plan to set up your very own outdoor swing. However, it’s still best to seek professional advice on the matter. Outdoor swings are not cheap; the same goes for chiropractor bills.

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