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Popular Outdoor Swing Sets And Play Equipment

Choosing the right outdoors swing and play set for your kids is a challenge. With the many products that are out in the market, each claiming to provide the utmost fun and safety for your children, you will surely have a quite a time assessing each. However, you can make this task a lot easier and convenient for you if you simply search the Internet for reviews.

Here are some of the more popular outdoor swing and play sets right now.

Sandy Ridge Wood Swing Set

This outdoor swing and play set usually retails for $400. It has a chalkwall for kids who love to draw, two belt swings, a sandbox at the base, a high rail slide, and a cedar rock wall.

Kettler Metal Swing Set

This swing set by Kettler can accommodate up to 300 pounds of weight. Retailing for around $250, it has two board swings, as well as safety hooks and adjustable ropes. In addition, it is marked with the Kettler signature power coat finish that offers protection for as many as five years. You can even add accessories like a joining clamp, a baby swing seat, and attachable slide.

Durango Wooden Gym Play Center & Swing Set

The Durango swing set is probably the most sought-after swing set today because of its many features. Aside from having two playground style swings, it also has monkey bars, a lookout tower, a glider that can seat two people, a slide and a front ladder that can also serve as a rock climbing wall. Kids will surely have fun with this play set. The enjoyment comes with a hefty price tag, though, at around $800. But most parents find the price commensurate to the joy it brings their kids.

Odyssey Wooden Gym Play & Swing Set

Also retailing for $800, like the Durango, the Odyssey is one of the most complete outdoor swing sets there are in the market today. Its monkey bars can be adjusted to three positions, a one to two-person glider, platform with a tent roof, a rock climbing wall, and a spiral slide. For an added festive effect, it also comes with colorful metal dowels and flags. Your kids will no longer be interested in going out to the park once you have this setup in your yard.

Getting your kids their very own outdoor swing and play set will not only give them utter joy 24 hours a day, but you will also feel more secure knowing that they are just in the yard playing. You don’t need to worry too much anymore whether they are safe. You can watch them have fun from your kitchen window while you’re preparing their favorite snacks. You can even have them bring their friends over, so their parents, too, will feel secure about their children’s whereabouts.

Source: https://positivearticles.com