Out of Body Experience

To know the creator you cannot speak of the creator. To know the creator you must speak as the creator. To know the creator I cannot speak as Roy but as the essence of who I really am, which is the creator and even that is not real. In truth I am not anyone of those things-I am all of them.

Over the last few years I have been reading less. I have tried to maintain the purity of my own writing by not allowing myself to be influenced too much by outside sources. Yet, in spite of the isolation, my writing is following the same path as many other modern spiritual writers.

Infrequently I will pick up a book and scan a few of its pages only to find I am moving along the same path or direction as the other authors. I do not research my writing-it comes from within me and I just let it flow. But it is very much inline with what others are writing about. I guess it would be as others who have chosen to go downtown. They are all on a journey to town even though they may be coming from different directions. When you talk to or listen to one of them they all are saying the same thing, “I’m going into town.”

There seems to be a natural flow of authors moving to the same place in this time and place. They are all heading back to town or in the case of the spiritual authors-back to God. They speak of religion as creating duality and say in return “We are One”-but they still haven’t gotten there yet and they never will. You cannot speak of town-or speak of the creator-without creating separation. The new age authors are no different than there religious counterparts in that they are also creating duality.

They speak of being one, the creator is in us, and all we have to do is look inside to know God. We can never know the creator until we speak as the creator. The authors do not go far enough. They are almost there, but are reluctant to go all the way. “I am God,” I am God writing this article as a physical aspect of who I am, called Roy! It is not Roy, who is doing the typing, and it is not the essence of God or the spirit-it is God doing the typing.

Most authors would be very reluctant to say this because from past experience we know how dangerous it can be. So spiritual authors, teachers and philosophers will take you to the edge, but will not commit. If we are one, then truly we are that which created us-why not say it? If you want to experience the power of the creator, then you must be the creator. If it is God’s plan and you want control over your life, you must be God. You must be God consciousness to know who you are-the consciousness of God, the essence of God, and the awareness of God.

When you speak of God, you are speaking of something outside of yourself. Physical words create separation. You cannot claim to be monolistic, enlightened, and point to religions which speak of you and God, when as people of higher awareness, you use the same words. God inside you, we are one, mind, body, spirit, and the triune of Father, Son and Holy Ghost are all dualistic terms.

It is only when you begin to say I am God, that you become joined, are monolistic and are one with God. At present you are individualized aspects of the creator choosing to experience the separation in the physical body. However, it is an illusion-it is only your thought “as the creator” creating the body and experiencing three dimensional life as an individual.

When you experience mind, body, and spirit as one in the same time and space-you will experience who you really are, and you can call it God if you will and then once again you will experience separation.

There really is only one physical declaration of who you are and that is “I Am.” From there on, words fail us, as it is the words we use which declare who we are. In the experience of who you are not, you will find who you are. Know them both simultaneously in time and same, and experience being and not being. You can know the wholeness of which you are by not trying to find yourself, by accepting who you really are and what you are experiencing as the same thing. You are the creator and the created-they are the same thing. You are the awareness of both.

Humanity has always been curious about who and what he really is. But each time he comes up with a new thought about it, he moves farther away from his true identity. Separation creates a need to know and it is the questions which keeps moving humanity to higher levels of awareness. Knowing is final and it is the end of questioning, and when you are all that is, you must create new questions, new possibilities and probabilities. Unanswered questions create life, and life is movement (animation). Your physicalness and uniqueness raises all sorts of questions and possibilities. Knowing you are what created you, gives comfort and assurance you can never be destroyed or loose your identity. It doesn’t mean you will loose your individuality, but retain it in total consciousness. You will always have awareness of self.

It may not be practical or even smart to call oneself God-it is within that awareness of self one finds peace, and access to unlimited power. If someone asks you who you are you may say “I am God manifesting in the physical body of Roy” but it is not necessary. The awareness of same is self recognition and also an acknowledgement of the connection to the other that asked the question. “We are all one” is a physical statement-in truth there is no “we.”

Live your life of separation and individuality, but be aware of whom you are and you will live a life of abundance and peace. You will know your perfection and move to even greater awareness, new life, and other possibilities. Do not be afraid to declare yourself as “I am.” It is religion’s mandate to bring back its believers to the creator. You do not have to wait-know yourself as the creator now, and it will be your experience. You do not need someone to tell you who you are, and you can never experience it anyways until you know it.

If you know who you are, declare it so others will also know. Remind them of their heritage and their accessibility to it. Abundance is part of being everything-there is enough to go around. Write about it, make the information available. Those who are ready to listen will listen. There is no hope, no faith or trust-these are steps to knowing. Know now what you choose to experience and know you have the power to create it. You are God creating all the things you desire to experience-there is no one else.

For those of you who are like me and do not like the term God, choose something else-it doesn’t really matter. You are simply awareness that has many names.