Our World, Our Reality Shifts in Our Speaking

I keep hearing the voice that rings out loud in my ear “create them coming”. Every now and then I hear the phrase in an African accent –”create them coming”. The voice is a recollection of a time when I attended a workshop and one of the expected guests had not arrived.

People were saying how this guest is always late or not showing up at all. In the midst of everyone’s opinion of this person, a woman very much in her native dialect exclaimed with great passion, Create him coming! Create him coming! Stop creating him not coming. Every one of you Create him coming! Create them all coming! Stunned, the environment shifted in that very moment. I thought what a wonderful way to live in life. We all have the opportunity to “create” the life we want to experience and create the life we want to have. And so we did.

We created him coming by saying, he’ll arrive shortly. He just got off the plane and he’s in the car on his way here. And Guess what? The gentlemen did come, dashing around the corner. He had only been delayed. Funny how that works, isn’t it? It could be said that the world shifts in our speaking. Our world and our reality shifts in our speaking.

Biblically, I can hear my grandmother say, “speak those things as though they were.” It is somewhat of a declaration, a world in which you create to live into. Then there’s the faith and belief that the declaration will come to pass. Sometimes we only believe that which we can see however it takes great faith and trust to believe in that which we cannot see. I’ve talked many times about vision. Everything we see now in 2007 was once a vision and a vision only. Someone then gave that vision language andspoke or share it with others. They believed those things would exist and now they do.

There is a lot more we can discuss, however it begins with your speaking and giving language to your vision. The world shifts as we speak. And things manifest as we believe in that which we speak.

Steps to remember:

Create a Vision
Speak the vision
Believe the vision
Expect the vision to be realized

As with the gentlemen, we spoke a vision and believer he would show up and he did. From that day forth I wondered what else I could create just in my “speaking and believing” that it would be. I’ve seen many amazing things since that day. I find myself shocked and amazed by the results in my life. And it all began because I opened my mouth and I spoke and believed it would be.

I invite you to discover your vision and purpose and “create” it a reality. How many things can you create in your speaking?

Remember The Power Lives within you and it’s always been there!