Our Reputation in the Industry

The recruitment industry is one where it is difficult to build and maintain a good track record. A new firm entering into the market for the first time will find this to be one of its major challenges. Quanta was incorporated in 1992 and since that time the company has attained a reputation in the industry, which only few recruitment firms manage to do. Quanta has become a major player in the recruitment sector and it has done this because it is dedicated to providing high quality service and maintaining client satisfaction. Quanta also has an excellent reputation on the global scene. This is because the company has been able to successfully deploy its suite of corporate services to global businesses.

At first, the company systematically built a reputation in the IT and telecommunications sectors. It did this by consistently meeting the staffing requirements of clients in those sectors. Then, starting from the year 2000, Quanta began to service other sectors like the insurance, sales and finance industries. As time went on, Quanta had created a major market presence in the industry. Quanta also has a good reputation of being an honest and reliable employer in the recruitment industry. Most of Quanta’s past and present employees have nothing but positive things to say about Quanta. This is the reason why the company has a very low labor turnover with many of their staff renewing their contracts. For sure, many new recruitment firms can learn from Quanta’s overall organizational model.

Over the years, Quanta has also maintained strong relationships with higher level management in various sectors of the economy. This enables Quanta to have quick visibility on job opportunities. It also allows them to tailor the service they provide to meet the exact specifications of both their corporate and individual clients. It must also be mentioned that much of Quanta’s reputation stems from the personalized service it offers to its candidates. The candidate care program which the company operates has helped improve its reputation and has also increased the size of its clientele base. The main strengths of Quanta are its uniqueness and scope of service. Without these two characteristics, the company would have found it very difficult to create the reputation it currently has in the industry. There is every chance that if Quanta continues to operate in the way in does, its reputation will keep growing from strength to strength.